2017 Museum Planned Initiatives & Enhancements


Faison Museum Committee

Anne Stroud Taylor (Chair)

Jane Precythe Hollingsworth

Becky Taylor Jackson

Laura Martin Mello

Lydia King

Sherry Millard Franklin (Town Commissioner)

Volunteers: M. R. (Ron) Oates, Jr. (webmaster) & Karen Warren Newman (genealogist)


2017 Museum Planned Initiatives & Enhancements

(Proposed for review and comment/recommendations of the Faison Museum Committee)


  1. Implement recommendations from the TAP assessment, by the State Archives, in January 2017 (Committee)
    • Formalize Museum Practices (Committee)
      • Document Museum “Mission Statement”
      • Document Museum “Collections Policy”
      • Organize & categorize museum collections per NC Archives methods & “best practices”
      • Document donations of collections to the Museum
    • Preservation of Museum Collections (Committee)
      • Purchase “Collections Storage Boxes”
      • Purchase locked storage cabinet(s) to secure Special Collections
      • Purchase locked display cabinet(s) to secure Special Collections
  2. Develop a long-term operating and maintenance funding plan (Anne/Sherry)
    • Town of Faison budget
    • Grants, donations, and other sources
  3. “Network” with other North Carolina museums and archivist (Anne/Ron)
    • Joined North Carolina Museums Council – 1/2017
    • Attend NCMC Annual Conference (and programs applicable to Faison) – 3/2017
    • Followup collaboration with other museums
  4. Install an engineered security and fire detection system for the Faison Museum (Ron)
    • Survey systems used by other museums and local businesses
    • Investigate local providers
    • Compare costs, performance, and reliability to SimpliSafe system advertised on TV
  5. Digitize Museum Collections (Ron)
    • Scan or photograph collections (on-going)
    • Create digital records for the museum archives
  6. Website FaisonDepot.com (Ron)
    • Update index of museum collections to facilitate online access & museum access
    • Add additional digitized collections to the website, for public viewing and online research
    • Provide links to other repositories (NC Archives, etc.) that house collections about Faison, its history and people
  7. Faison Historic Legacy Program (Ron/ Committee)
    • Document “Preservers of Faison History”
    • Complete Legacy Interview Series
  8. Promotion of Museum & Collections (Committee)
    • Community out-reach activities (such as, Community Cookbook, similar to 1949-1951 Cookbooks)
    • Collaboration with schools
    • Plan an “open house” & re-dedication of museum after completing enhancements – 4/2018