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Faison Area Vietnam Veterans

Definition of the “Faison Area”
The geographical area that includes the Town of Faison, Rt. 1, Rt. 2, and Rt. 3 Faison, North Duplin School District, Calypso, and Beautancus plus some portions of Sampson County (near Faison) that included students that attended Piney Grove High School or Hobbton High School. Also some students from Faison and RFD Faison attended Douglas High School in Warsaw…. Even though, not a criteria, all of these areas would have included many who farmed and hauled produce to sell at the “Faison Produce Market”, worked at the produce market, or worked in other areas of agriculture.
The veterans that are listed in the below table would have been awarded the above Vietnam Service Medal (on the ground in Vietnam).
Visit “Remembering our Veterans” to view more information about each individual listed in the below table.

VeteranHigh SchoolMil or HS PictureServiceDate & Location in VietnamOther Information
Adams. Pritchard A.1945 FHSPritchard_Adams_120wArmyServed in Vietnam Rank: Col. Served in both Vietnam and Korea.
Andrews, Donald1963 NDHSVN_ANDREWS_Donald_120x145ArmyServed in Vietnam North Duplin High School Class of 1963.
Autry, Stonewall J.1968 NDHS1967_NDHS_Yearbook_Stonewall_Autry_120x140ArmyServed in Vietnam
26th Combat Engineers
Best, Robert Henry, Jr.1966 NDHSVN_BEST_Robert_Henry_120WArmyServed in Vietnam
Camp Enari near Pleiku City at the base of Dragon Mountain
North Duplin High School Class of 1966. Robert Henry Best Jr. (Bobby) was drafted in 1967 and was stationed at Camp Enari near Pleiku City at the base of Dragon Mountain in Vietnam. His rank was Seargent. He was awarded the Soldiers Medal for pulling out wounded soldiers after an ammunition dump had exploded.. He left for Vietnam on his birthday.
Bland, Bennie1958 NDHSMarine CorpsServed in Vietnam
NDHS 1958. Served from 1958-1966 including service in Vietnam
Bland, Jimmy196_ NDHSArmyServed in Vietnam Jimmy Bland was a helicopter, door gunner in Vietnam
Boyette, Gene1965 HHSServed in Vietnam
Boykin, Johnny196_ Douglas HSArmyServed in Vietnam SGT
Brock, Randy, VN_BROCK_Randy_Army-Airborne_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Tour 1: 82nd Airborne
Tour 2: 101st Airborne
1966-1969. SGT Served two tours in Vietnam. 82nd Airborne and 101st Airbourne. Wounded once and contracted Malaria. Received the Purple Heart.
Burch, David Caroll [KIA]1962 Hobbton HSVN_BURCH_David_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
191st Assault Helicopter Company at Camp Bearcat
"Hobbton High School Class of 1962. Captain David Carroll Burch was an Army UH-1 (Huey) Helicopter pilot in Vietnam He was a squadron leader in the 191st Assault Helicopter Company. His helicopter was shot down on September 3, 1968. Captain Burch was awarded the Silver Star postumuosly. Click on The Virtual Wall to view additional pictures. Crash, Long An Province, 10 miles south of Saigon. Died, September 3, 1968. Graduate of N.C. State University.
A Tribute to David Burch from a nurse from the Red Cross that knew David in Vietnam is included in the ""Library"" section of this website.

David was a son of Georgiana Hines Burch and grandson of Inez Oates Hines and Herbert Hines"
Casteen, Frank Dickson, Jr.1961 NDHS1961_NDHS_Yearbook_Dickson_Casteen_120x140ArmyServed in Vietnam
Son of Mac and Frank Casteen Sr.. US Army, Spec 4, Served in Vietnam in 1965. VSN, NDSM, VCM
Dantzler, Allen1967 NDHS ClassAllen_Dantzler_1967_120WArmyServed in Vietnam
Davis, Hank1966 NDHSVN_DAVIS_Hank_at_Basic_training_Ft_Bragg-1966-150x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Tour 1: 9th Infantry Division, Camp Bearcat
Tour 2: 110th Transportation Co., Vietnam Tent City
"North Duplin High School Class of 1965. US Army, Specialist 4th Class, 1966-1969 9th Infantry Division Vietnam. Camp Bearcat, 110th Transportation Co., Vietnam Tent City.... VSM, VCM, ND Both parents served in WWII and are listed above.
Hank Davis and Leslie Jernigan joined the Army in October 1966 on the buddy plan.
Quote from Hank: ""We were together for basic training at Bragg, AIT at Ft Dix NJ & for more training at Ft Lee, Va. then we both went to Vietnam in April 1967 where we were separated with me going to the 9th Infantry & Leslie going to Cu Chi in support of the 25th Infantry. After our year tour I signed up for another tour with the 1st Air Cav but stayed at Tent City B & Les went to Ft Belvoir, Va. I was contemplating another tour in Nam when I got orders for Ft Bragg so I decided that was close enuff to home so home I came. I went to college after getting out & Big Les became a policeman."""
Davis, Jimmy1966 NDHSJimmy_Davis_1966_120WServed in Vietnam
Elliot, James FranklinServed in Vietnam ND,BSM,RM,GC,VSM,VCM,V GallantryM, others. Also served in DS
Faison, Heywood_____ DHSServed in Vietnam
Faison, Kenneth1970 NDHSKenneth_Faison_1970_120WServed in Vietnam
Foss, Joseph Ollin
1959 NDHS1959_NDHS_Yearbook_Joe_Foss_120x160Air ForceServed in Vietnam
Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon
North Duplin High School Class of 1959. Served in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon, South Vietnam CMSgt Merit, SVC Medal 3 clusters, VSM, GCM, NDSM,
Foss, Ronnie1969 NDHS1967_NDHS_Yearbook_Ronnie_Foss_120x150Served in Vietnam
Garris, William Gerald1954 CHSWilliam_Gerald_Garris_120WAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Served 22 years in the US Air Force, including a tour at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, Vietnam in the mid 1969-1970. Graduated from Calypso High School in 1954. Grew up in Beautancus.
Gillespie, Perry DonPerry_Don_Gillespie_crop_120WArmyServed in Vietnam
82nd Airborne Division.
SP4 US Army 82nd Airborne
Gore, Paul Edwin [KIA]1955 Class (Faison Elem. '46-51)VN_GORE_Paul_Edwin_120WMerchant MarinesServed in Vietnam "Attended Faison Elementary School from 1946-1951
Son of David Maurice Gore and Ora Gertrude Exxell Gore"
Gwaltney, Danny1970 NDHS1970_NDHS_Yearbook_Danny_Gwaltney_120x140Served in Vietnam
Hargrove, Elton R.1964 NDHSVN_HARGROVE_Elton_120x150Air ForceServed in Vietnam
483rd TW PACAF
Hargrove, Joseph, [KIA]1969 NDHSVN_HARGROVE_Joseph_USMC_120WMarine CorpsServed in Vietnam Marine Corps - Crew of the SS Mayaguez. Known as the ""Mayaguez Incident"", the ship and crew were captured by Cambodian forces in International waters and taken to an island. US Marines attempted to capture these POWs, but were unsuccessful. Several books have been written. Efforts continue to bring home Joseph Hargrove"", which is the title of a book that tell of the untiring efforts of his cousin, Gary Turner."
Hargrove, Lane [KIA]1966 NDHSVN_HARGROVE_Lane_120WArmyServed in Vietnam North Duplin High School Class of 1965, but moved to PA before graduating. Served in Vietnam (KIA). Honored on the "Faison Memorial Wall" of this website.
Holmes, Wesley1970 NDHSWesley_Holmes_1970_120WServed in Vietnam
Jackson, J.W.1966 Midway HSVN_JACKSON_James_Wade_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
1969-70 (14 months)
Artillery unit in Fu Loy
"Midway High School Class of 1966.
Husband of Becky Taylor Jackson of Faison. Served in an Artillery unit in Fu Loy. Served 14 months from 1969-1970. Rank Sgt.
J.W. was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and the Bronze Star Medal."
Jernigan, Leslie1966 NDHS1966_NDHS_Yearbook_Leslie_Jernigan_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
25th Infantry at Cu Chi
April 1967 - April 1968
"North Duplin High School Class of 1966. Son of Lillie Mae and Audy Jernigan. Sgt, VSM, Pres, Unit Cit, Merit Service, CIB, GCM, Com
Hank Davis and Leslie Jernigan joined the Army in October 1966 on the buddy plan.
Jones, CharlesVN_JONES_Charles_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
August 3, 1967 - March 29, 1969
173rd Airborne Brigade "Sky Soldiers".
SGT Specialist E-5. Graduated from Clinton High School in 1967. Served in Vietnam from August 3, 1967 - March 29, 1969, with the 173rd Airborne Brigade "Sky Soldiers".

Wounded on April 10, 1969. Dak to Vietnam.

Received Bronze Star Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Purple Heart, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross and Good Conduct Medal.

Participated in Vietnam Counter-offensive Phase III, TET 68 Counter Offensive. Counteroffensive Phase IV, Vietnam Counter-offensive Phase V and Vi, and TET 1969 Counter-offensive.
Jones, Jessie Louis1959 NDHSJesse_Louis_Jones_120WAir ForceServed in Vietnam
January 29, 1966-February 20, 1967
Jessie Louis Jones; Born: January 19, 1941;Deceased: February 28, 1989; Air Force, 20 years; Vietnam: January 29, 1966-February 20, 1967;Retired: January 1, 1980
King, Alton Ray1955 FHSVN_KING_Ray_120x150Air ForceServed in Vietnam TSCT
King, Gerald1964 NDHS1964_NDHS_Yearbook_Gerald_King_120x140ArmyServed in Vietnam
King, John Hicks, IIIJohnny_king_viet_120WArmyServed in Vietnam
1968 (14 months)
Entered Army Nov. 1967. Trained as a heavy equipment operator. Spent 14 months in Vietnam and was wounded. Received the Purple Heart and was awarded the Bronz Star, Army Accommodation Medal, and Vietnam Service Medal.
Lane, Nelson S.VN_LANE_Nelson_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Duc Fo area of Vietnam located on the Bon
Song River
Specialist 4th Class.
Served in the Combat
Engineers in Viet Nam. He was in the Duc Fo area of Vietnam located on the Bon
Song River while serving in the Army.
Matthews, Billy "Bill Buck" Ralph1967 NDHSVN_MATTHEWS_Billy_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division.
McCullen, Cecil Dewey, Jr.1962 NDHSVN_McCULLEN_Dewey_150x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Jan 1969 - Jan 70
187th Assault Helicopter Company at Tay Nin base camp III Corp.
Son of Velma and Cecil D. McCullen Sr. Served in Vietnam. Served with the 187th Assault Helicopter Company at Tay Nin base camp III Corp RVN, Jan 1969 through Jan 1970. Served as an attack helicopter pilot and flew UH 1C, UH 1M, and AH 1G Cobra attack helicopters. Awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor.
Jan 1969-Jan 1970
Helicopter pilot
Oakes, Joseph D.1967 NDHS1967_NDHS_Yearbook_Joseph_Oakes_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
1st Calvary - DELLA
Army APC's. Joseph was in the 1st Calvary - DELLA. Joseph was wounded 3 times, but still survived to come home to Faison.
Oates, Michael _. HHS '6_196_ Hobbton HSArmyServed in Vietnam
Tour 1:
Tour 2:
Hobbton High School Class of 196_. RFD 1 Faison. Son of Kay and Mitchell Oates. Completed two tours of duty in Vietnam. Awarded the Silver Star.
Parrish, Thomas Glenn1964 NDHS1964_NDHS_Yearbook_Thomas_Glenn_Parrish_120x140ArmyServed in Vietnam
Power, George Patrick (Pat) [KIA]1967 NDHSVN_POWER_Lance_Cpl_Patrick_KIA_120x150Marine CorpsServed in Vietnam North Duplin High School Class of 1967. Lance Cpl, Patrick Power joined the Marine Corps through the early enlistment program during his Senior year at North Duplin. Pat completed basic training at Parris Island, SC. Pat saw his friend Nelson Best before leaving for Vietnam. Nelson never saw Pat again, as he was KIA in Vietnam in 1968.
Price, Charles Allen1952 FHSCharles_Price_Korea_VN_1724900_120x120ArmyServed in Vietnam
Price, Ray1967 NDHSRay_Price_120wAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Pic of Ray Price, Vietnam Veteran, ND Class of 1967. Served in US Air Force, July 1968-89. In Vietnam 1969-70. Son of Lincoln & Sadie Price. Lives in New Carlisle, OH
Pridgen, William Harper1959 NDHSVN_PRIDGEN_Harper_120WAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon
Rouse, John Charles1964 NDHSJohn_Charles_Rouse_1964_120WArmyServed in Vietnam Disability due to Agent Orange exposure.
Rouse, Randy1958 NDHS1958_NDHS_Yearbook_Randy_Rouse_120x150Army Served in Vietnam
Spec 5
Sessoms, J.D.1963 NDHS1963_NDHS_Yearbook_John_D_Sessoms_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam E3 VSM w/ 1 Star, NDSM, VCM, Sharpshooter
Sessoms, William "Cootie"1965 NDHS1965_NDHS_Yearbook_William_Sessoms_120x150NavyServed in Vietnam
Sherrod, LamontServed in Vietnam 27MAR2005
Smith, Granville BobServed in Vietnam MSGT. 3 Purple Hearts
Summerlin, Ashley1968 NDHSVN_SUMMERLIN_Ashley_Summerin_120WArmyServed in Vietnam
526th CC&S / Company E00
Brother of George Summerlin
Summerlin, George1953 Class of _____George_Summerlin_120WAir ForceServed in Vietnam Brother of Ashley Summerlin
Sutton, Carroll1962 NDHSCarroll_Sutton_120WArmyServed in Vietnam
April 6, 1967 - April 6, 1968
Ben-Luc, Vietnam
April 6, 1967 - April 6, 1968
Sutton, Oscar M.Oscar_Sutton_vet_120WAir ForceServed in VietnamServed from 1954 - 1977, including service in Vietnam
Thompson, Delton_____ DHSServed in VietnamDelton's father was a Principal of NDHS
Thornton, Linwood1969 NDHSLinwood_Thornton_120x180ArmyServed in Vietnam
10th Calvary, 1st Field Force in An Khe in the Central Highlands
Mar 1971 - Oct 1971
MOS was 11BP8 (infantry scout dog handler). Linwood's dog was named Hasso.
Tucker, Bobby Gene1966 NDHSVN_TUCKER_Bobby_Gene_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Tucker, Jesse Thomas "Tommy", Jr.1963 NDHSVN_TUCKER_Tommy_Navy_120WNavyServed in Vietnam
592 River Div. first at Na Bhe, then on the Cambodian border at Go Da Hah
Williams, RonaldTBD_WILLIAMS_Ronald_120x150ArmyServed in Vietnam
Tour 1:
Tour 2:
Tour 3:
Williamson, Ralph1961 NDHS1961_NDHS_Yearbook_Ralph_Williamson_120x147ArmyServed in Vietnam
Wounded and medevac'd to Japan.

Life in Vietnam

Chronicled through Pictures

221st Signal Company Film of 187th AHC action in Tay Nin.

Bobby Best

David Burch

Hank Davis

J.W. Jackson

Charles Jones

Billy “Bill Buck” Mathews

Dewey McCullen

Youtube Video – Film of 187th Assault Helicopter Company action in Tay Ninh Province Dec 27, 1969 (Dewey McCullen’s Company)

Harper Pridgen

Ashley Summerlin

Rethal Carroll Sutton


Linwood Thornton & scout dog, Hasso