Remembering our Veterans



In October of 2015, at Market Day 2015, veterans of the “Faison Area” who served America during war and peace were honored at the event or, if not ablwe to attend, was represented by a family member. The table below is a list of veterans who grew up in, or later moved to the “Faison Area”……More than 300 veterans (living and deceased) were recognized. All of the veterans of the Faison Area were honored.

Below is the announcement that was communicated in 2015 on this website and on the Faison Facebook page:

“Faison Area Veterans Appreciation Medal” Presentation at “Market Day Festival” on October 10, 2015″
If your name is not listed, please let us know, so that we can include you in the below list. Also, please let us know  and, also, in the “Faison Area Veterans Appreciation Medal” presentation ceremony……… For those veterans who are deceased, you can honor the memory of your loved one, by your family sending a “Family Representative” to accept the medal, in their memory. The periods that are included in the medals ceremony is are WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Post-Vietnam and Middle East (i.e., Iraq & Afghanistan). You can let us know if you will be attending Market Day to accept the medal as a Veteran or representative of a deceased Veteran. If your veteran is not able to attend, due to health reasons, please let us know if a family representative will be attending…….. Please contact: Anne Taylor at (910) 935-0100, Melba Brewer at Brewer’s Hardware in Faison, or by e-mail to…….. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on October 10, 2015.

Definition of the “Faison Area”
The geographical area that includes the Town of Faison, Rt. 1, Rt. 2, and Rt. 3 Faison, North Duplin School District, Calypso, and Beautancus. This area included some students that attended Piney Grove School, Hobbton High School, and Douglas High School in Warsaw.

The veteran’s name and the war or peace time period (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Post-Vietnam, or Middle East (Iraq/ Afghanistan) in which they served and branch of service (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, etc.), were included, if known.

Note: The image of the “Veterans Medal” is shown next to the names of those veterans or families of deceased veterans that  attended the event. The name of the Recipient of the medal is indicated as the Veteran or Representative…….

For any veteran, who is not listed in the below table, please provide the information to Thank you.

NamePictureFaison Area Veterans Appreciation Medal (being presented to Market Day attendees}Market Day Attendee
Recipient: Veteran or Family Rep
Era or PeriodServiceDetails
Adams, John (Jack)1951_FHS_Jack_Adams_120wKoreaKSM. FHS
Adams, Pritchard Gibson, Jr.Pritchard_Adams_120wKorea & Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Rank: Col. Served in both Korea and Vietnam
Adams, Thomas EarlWWIINavyDied 11 Apr 1996
Allen, Jhan
Allen, JosephIMG_0838_100Vet: Joseph AllenVietnam era
Allen, Thomas WarrenIMG_0838_100Vet: Thomas Warren AllenVietnam eraAir ForceSgt
Allison, James WesleyWWIArmyAge 25,
Andrews, ChristopherIMG_0838_100Vet: Chris AndrewsPost-VN & Middle EastNavyDesert Storm - USS Nassau, SMN
Andrews, Donald (Deceased]VN_ANDREWS_Donald_120x145IMG_0838_100Rep: Donald Andrews, Jr. (son)Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1963.
Andrews, J.E.IMG_0838_100Rep: Cameron, Faith Andrews (daughter) and grandsonsWWII
Andrews, James "Jamie"James_Andrews_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Jamie AndrewsVietnam eraNavyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1969..
Armstrong, Carl T.
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC 603 Coast Artillery
Armstrong, JohnCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross CO B, 51st NC INF CSA, 1861
Armwood, James
Armwood, PeggyIMG_0838_100Vet: Peggy ArmwoodPost-VNArmy
Armwood, WasbyWWIIArmyPFC
Ashford, CharlesWWIArmy
Ashford, William ArthurWWIIArmy
Atkinson, HarrisonWWIArmyAge 21,
Atkinson, James Clyde WWIIMarine CorpsSGT; Guam, Marianna Islands, Iwo Jima, Volcano Is., Occ of Japan
Autry, Stonewall (Stoney) J.1967_NDHS_Yearbook_Stonewall_Autry_120x140IMG_0838_100Vet: Stonewall Autry
Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1968. Served in Vietnam with the 26th Combat Engineers
Avent, John ThomasTom_Avent_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: John Bert Avent (grandson)
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 47 INF 9 DIV, France, PH, ET, GC, Aug 13 1918 - Oct 1944
Aycock, Chester
Baggett, NathanWWIArmyPVT
Bailey, Dewey W, Jr.Dewey_Bailey_Jr_1967_120wIMG_0838_100Vet: Dewey Bailey, Jr.Vietnam eraAir ForceNorth Duplin High School Class of 1966. Served in support of Vietnam War from base in Thailand
Bailey, Dewey W, Sr.IMG_0838_100Rep: Virginia Bailey (widow)WWIIArmy AirforceBuried in Faison Cemetery - SSGT US Army Air Forces, Asiatic Pacific, w/bronz star,
Bailey, Dickie1954_FHS_Dickie_Bailey_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: John Bailey (son)KoreaFHS 1954
Bailey, LarryIMG_0838_100Vet: Larry BaileyVietnam eraNC Air National GuardServed from 1962-1968
Bannerman, AnsonWWIArmyAge 21,
Barber, JamesWWIArmyAge 23,
Barfield, Frank D,KOR_BARFIELD_Frank_D_120x145IMG_0838_100Rep: Josh Barfield (son)
KoreaArmyGraduate of Calypso High School, Class of 1953. Served in the US Army, Pvt. Rifleman. Participated in readiness exercises with the 3rd Infantry in Germany. Son of Mr. & Mrs. McInnis Barfield of Rt. 1, Faison.
Barfield, Norwood GlennKoreaArmyd 1993, SGT
Barksdale, DarylIMG_0838_100Rep: Daryl BarksdaleMiddle East
Barksdale, Thomas
Barwick, William ArthurWWIIArmyPVT
Bass, JoeContactedKoreaFHS 1953
Batton, William S., Jr.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery -
Beamon, OberryIMG_0838_100Rep: Amanda Beamon (daughter)Korea
Beamon, VestusIMG_0838_100Rep: Dephine McLamb (sister)Korea
Beamon, William EarlIMG_0838_100Rep: Dephine McLamb (sister)KoreaArmySGT. Died 2/19/2012 Retired. Buried in Ft. Jackson National Cemetery, Columbia, SC
Bell, Furnie DavidVietnam eraArmySP4
Bell, Jesse DavidWWIIArmyPVT
Bell, John R.IMG_0838_100Rep: Larry Bailey on behalf of Ricky Bell (son)WWII
Bell, Libbie HenryWWIArmyAge 21
Bell, Marvin R.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT CMP
Bell, Ozais ElijahPendingRep: Dorcas BellKoreaArmy
Bell, Ranso H.
Bell, WilliamIMG_0838_100Rep: William BellPost-VN
Benjamin, MichaelPost-VietnamArmy
Benjamin, SamuelPendingRep:WWIIArmyTEC5
Best, Harold Melton, Sr.Pending [duplicate?]WWIIArmy Air Force
Best, HaroldIMG_0838_100Rep: Pat Best
Best, Johnny Lawrence (Deceased]Johnny_Besr in Air Force_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Donna Kennedy (daughter)Vietnam eraAir ForceDied 12/24/03. He was 59 years old.
Best, Richard McCoyMcCoy_Best_ AirForce_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Bennie Rose Best(widow) & daughter Rose Best WilsonKoreaAir ForceFHS 1950. Passed away November 18, 2003, at the age of 73
Best, Robert Henry Best, Sr.IMG_0838_100Rep: Wilma Best Taylor (daughter)WWII
Best, Robert Henry, Jr.VN_BEST_Robert_Henry_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Bobby Best
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1966. Robert Henry Best Jr. (Bobby) was drafted in 1967 and was stationed at Camp Enari near Pleiku City at the base of Dragon Mountain in Vietnam. His rank was Seargent. He was awarded the Soldiers Medal for pulling out wounded soldiers after an ammunition dump had exploded.. He left for Vietnam on his birthday.
Birchett, James AlbertWWIArmyAge 21
Blanchard, James W.WWIINavyRear Adm. USN Submarine Commander. Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1927. He commanded the submarine USS Albacore and was awarded the Navy Cross for sinking the Japanese Aircraft carrier Taihō on 19 June 1944 during the Battle of the Philippine Sea James Blanchard grew up in Faison.
Bland, BennyIMG_0838_100Vet: Benny BlandVietnam eraMarine CorpsServed in Vietnam
NDHS 1958. Served from 1958-1966 including service in Vietnam
Bland, Isham RayPendingRep:WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC Sep 5 1904 - Aug 17 1941
Bland, James ColumbusWWIArmyAge 21
Bland, JimmyIMG_0838_100Vet: Jimmy Bland (TBD)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 196_. Jimmy Bland was a helicopter, door gunner in Vietnam
Bland, TimmyIMG_0838_100Vet: Timmy Bland; (backup, daughter, Charlie Ann Bland Parrish)Vietnam eraNational Guard
Blount, Earl
Blount, Maceo H.IMG_0838_100Rep: Morris Blount (cousin)WWII
Blount, Macy W.
Blount, Vulenzo L.
Bowden, HubertWWIArmyAge 21
Bowman, EugeneIMG_0838_100Rep: Caroline Bowman Ledbetter (daughter)
Bowman, WorthIMG_0838_100Vet: Worth BowmanVietnam era
Boyette, Faison N.WWIArmyAge 21,
Boyette, GeneIMG_0838_100Vet: Gene Boyette
Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
Husband of Kay Boyette
Boyette, William, Jr.WWII ?Air ForceA2C
Boyette, William, Sr.WWIArmyPFC. HQ Co 24 INF
Boykin, Freeman EarlIMG_0838_100Rep: Johnny Boykin (need confirm)KoreaArmyPVT MIA/ KIA May 14, 1952
Boykin, JohnnyIMG_0838_100Vet: Johnny Boykin
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
"Douglas High School Class of 196_ in Warsaw.
Served in Vietnam from _________ to _______. SGT. Son of ___________ Vietnam Medal"
Boykin, Thomas GradyArmy
Bradshaw, EdwardKoreaNavy
Bradshaw, Gene AustinKOR_BRADSHAW_Gene_A_120WIMG_0838_100Re: Brunetta Bradshaw (widow)KoreaArmyFaison High School Class of 1949, .Army Medical Co. 155th Inf., 31st Div Bronze Star, United Nations Service Medal, Korean Service Medal.
Bradshaw, Ora EdwardIMG_0838_100Rep: Ed Bradshaw (son)Vietnam eraNavySM2
Bradshaw, RaymondWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT
Brewington, Larry D.WWIIArmySGT
Brewington, Leavy
Brewington, Lloyd, Sr.WWIIArmyPFC
Britt, BobTBD_BRITT_Bob_Army_120x150Army
Britt, HaroldHarold-Britt_Marines_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Tim Britt (son)KoreaMarine Corps (Army??)1952-54 Europe 6 month tour
Britt, TimIMG_0838_100Vet: Tim BrittPost-VNArmy
Brock, Danny A,IMG_0838_100Vet: Danny BrockVietnam eraArmy2/1971 - 2/1973
Brock, Durwood BensonKoreaAir Force3645 SUPPLY SQD, LOWRY AFB COLO
Brock, Garland "Royce"Royce_Brock_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: "Royce BrockVietnam eraNDHS late '70's
Brock, Gary RayContactedVietnam eraArmyLt. Col. 26 years Retired
Brock, Hubert DanielWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - TEC 5 US Army
Brock, Lonnie AllenKOR_BROCK_Lonnie_Allen_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Linda Brock (widow)KoreaArmy"PFC, Lonnie Allen Brock served in the Korean KSM, ""conflict"" with the US Army. It was called this because War was never officially declared. He guarded the prisoners on Koje-do Island.... It was there that he fell asleep on post and went sleep walking out the guard tower, fell 86ft, landed on his feet shattering both ankles and tailbone. A court marshal was attempted, however, after further checking they decided not to proceed due to his being on duty too long and without rest. Lonnie Brock passed away on March 10, 2008 and is buried the Clinton Cemetery.
Medals: USSM, KSM, BRONZ SM, NDSM... On this website, we call it the Korean War."
Brock, RandyVN_BROCK_Randy_Army-Airborne_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Bobbie Brock (widow)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
1966-1969. SGT Served two tours in Vietnam. 82nd Airborne and 101st Airbourne. Wounded once and contracted Malaria. Received the Purple Heart.
Brogden, Andy MichaelPost-VN_BROGDEN_Mike_120x145ContactedPost-VN & Middle EastNavyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1973. Andy was attached to a Marine Unit assigned to the Beirut Barracks when it was attacked with explosives and blown up in ______ 197_. He survived and went on to retire from the US Navy. Andy is the brother of Ted Miller Brogden.
Brogden, Ted MillerTed_Brogden_120WContactedVietnam eraArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1969. US Army, Specialist 5. Served in Korea on the DMZ 1969-1970. 7th Infantry Division B, Company 2/32 Infantry. Ted is the son of Norwood Brogden and Fannie Ruth Bland Brogden.
Brunson, GeorgeKoreaArmyCPL
Bryan, KedarCWCSA Army12/22/1822 - 11/17/1895
Burch, David Carroll, CaptainVN_BURCH_David_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Jimmy Burch (brother) and wife Teressa and Jimmy Burch Jr.
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
"Hobbton High School Class of 1962. Captain David Carroll Burch was an Army UH-1 (Huey) Helicopter pilot in Vietnam He was a squadron leader in the 191st Assault Helicopter Company. His helicopter was shot down on September 3, 1968. Captain Burch was awarded the Silver Star postumuosly. Click on The Virtual Wall to view additional pictures. Crash, Long An Province, 10 miles south of Saigon. Died, September 3, 1968. Graduate of N.C. State University.
A Tribute to David Burch from a nurse from the Red Cross that knew David in Vietnam is included in the ""Library"" section of this website.

David was a son of Georgiana Hines Burch and grandson of Inez Oates Hines and Herbert Hines"
Butler, George D.WWIIArmyPFC
Byrd, Henry Allen "Bud"IMG_0838_100Vet: "Bud" ByrdVietnam era
Byrd, James AlexWWIIArmyPFC, Brother of Richard Byrd & Robert Byrd, European Theather
Byrd, JimmyIMG_0838_100Vet: Jimmy ByrdVietnam era
Byrd, KennethIMG_0838_100Vet: Kenneth ByrdPost-Korea1961-1963
Byrd, LivvieWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 322 INF 81 DIV, Age 21 [brother of
Byrd, Richard HardinWWIINavy
Byrd, Robert AustinWWIINavy
Byrd, StanleyIMG_0838_100Vet: Stanley ByrdPost-Korea
Byrd, Thomas MitchellIMG_0838_100Rep: Stanley ByrdKoreaArmy1952-1956
Carter, Henry EllisPendingRep:WWIIArmySP5
Carter, Jasper (Jay)Korea
Casey, Luther R.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 1 CL 119 INF 30 DIV
Casteen, Frank Dickson, Jr. (Deceased]1961_NDHS_Yearbook_Dickson_Casteen_120x140PendingRep:Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1961. Son of Mac and Frank Casteen Sr.. US Army, Spec 4, Served in Vietnam in 1965. VSN, NDSM, VCM
Casteen, John Boyd (Deceased]Boyd_Casteen_1964_120WPendingRep:Vietnam eraArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1964. Son of Mac and Frank Casteen, Sr.. Boyd served in Shemya Alaska and Kansas.
Cates, Curtis1952_FHS_Curtiss_Cates_120wPendingVet: Curtiss CatesKoreaArmy
Cates, George HenryWWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - S1 US Navy
Chestnut, Eugene
Clark, PhilIMG_0838_100Vet: Phil Clark
Vietnam era
Clifton, Paul HargettPendingRep: Susan Clifton BakerWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT US Army
Clifton, RachelPendingRep:WWII
Clifton, RobertIMG_0838_100Vet: Robert Clifton or backup Susan Clifton Baker (sister)Vietnam era
Cobb, CharlieWWIIArmyPVT,
Cobbs, William
Coel, McKinleyWWIAge 21,
Coley, Henry A.WWI
Coley, JamesWWII_COLEY_James_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: James Coley
WWIIArmyDuplin County Veterans Museum: "Mr. Coley entered the United States Army on October 21, 1944. He served with the 98th Lightning Division. He was also a POW as well as a recipient of the Purple Heart Medal. He was discharged on August 6, 1946 with the rank of Sergeant. His generation has earned the title of the “greatest generation.” The medals he received as a result of answering the call include Purple Heart, BSM, WII Victory Med Eame ser Med W/2BS, ETO Ribbons He is truly one of Duplin’s finest... He also was awarded a Bronze Star for bravery.
Collins, JackWWII_COLLINS_Jack_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Susan Collins Mikitka
WWIIArmyEuropean Theater
Coltren, DallasIMG_0838_100Vet: Dallas Coltren
Vietnam era
Connelley, AlonzoWWIAge 21,
Cool, JuliusWWIAge 22,
Cooper, Billie FranklinWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL
Craddock, William E.WWIIArmy
Creech, WilliamSomeone is Contacting KoreaArmy1957-60 A1C, England and France
Crouch, Archie V.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC
Crouch, William VernonArmy1SGT
Crow, John RobertIMG_0838_100Rep: T.C. Crowe (son)WWIIArmyPurple Heart
Crump, Willy D.WWIArmy
Dafford, Jesse B.
Dafford, Walter
Dantzler, AllenAllen_Dantzler_1967_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Allen Dantzler
Vietnam eraArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1967. Served in Vietnam
Darden, James H.WWIArmy
Darden, James H.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT HQ TRP VI CORPS
Darden, Willie DavidWWIIArmyCPL
Daughtry, Tommy WadeIRAQ_DAUGHTRY_Tommy_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Tommy DaughtryPost-VN & Middle EastArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 196_. US Army, CW 5. Member of the 82nd Airborne. Three tours in the Middle East. Retired after 40 years.
Davis, Henry (Hank) Beech, Jr.VN_DAVIS_Hank_at_Basic_training_Ft_Bragg-1966-150x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Hank Davis
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
"North Duplin High School Class of 1965. US Army, Specialist 4th Class, 1966-1969 9th Infantry Division Vietnam. Camp Bearcat, 110th Transportation Co., Vietnam Tent City.... VSM, VCM, ND Both parents served in WWII and are listed above.
Hank Davis and Leslie Jernigan joined the Army in October 1966 on the buddy plan.
Quote from Hank: ""We were together for basic training at Bragg, AIT at Ft Dix NJ & for more training at Ft Lee, Va. then we both went to Vietnam in April 1967 where we were separated with me going to the 9th Infantry & Leslie going to Cu Chi in support of the 25th Infantry. After our year tour I signed up for another tour with the 1st Air Cav but stayed at Tent City B & Les went to Ft Belvoir, Va. I was contemplating another tour in Nam when I got orders for Ft Bragg so I decided that was close enuff to home so home I came. I went to college after getting out & Big Les became a policeman."""
Davis, Henry Beach, Sr.WWII_DAVIS_Henery_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Hank Davis (son)
WWIINavy"US Navy Retired. Pacific Theater. Served aboard an aircraft carrier.
Son, Hank Jr. later served two tours in Vietnam (some 24 years later) and is listed below."
Davis, James A.TBD_DAVIS_James_A_Davis_Pvt-E1_120x150Army
Davis, James W.WWIINavy
Davis, JimmyJimmy_Davis_1966_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Patricia Davis (wife)Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1966. Served from 1967-1968.
Davis, "Butch" KennethIMG_0838_100Rep: Ken Davis (son)Vietnam eraNational Guard
Davis, Lt. Marietta MartinWWII_DAVIS_Marietta_Martin_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Hank Davis (son)
WWIINavy"Lt. in the US Army. Served in the China-Burma-India Theater. Nurse with the 34th General Field Hospital. Followed the soldiers who were involved in building projects.
Son, Hank Jr. served two tours in Vietnam (some 24 years later) and is listed below."
Davis, Mallard, JrWWIIArmyCalypso
Davis, William AWWIIArmyCalypso, PVT, 104 INF DIV
Daw, Ernest CoyWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT
Deaver, JohnnyWWIIArmyPFC
Dixon, SamuelIMG_0838_100Vet: Samuel DixonVietnam era
Edgerton, Clifton FWWIIArmySGT
Edwards, John L.WWIIArmyPFC 696 ORD AMMO Co.
Elliot, James "Bud"
Elliot, James FranklinIMG_0838_100Vet: James Elliot
Vietnam era & Post-VN & Middle EastArmyServed in Vietnam
ND,BSM,RM,GC,VSM,VCM,V GallantryM, others
Evans, Maxwell CWWIIUS Coast GuardBuried in Faison Cemetery -
Faison, Abner N.CWCSA ArmyCOL., 26th Reg, 7th Brigade
Faison, ClarenceKoreaMarine Corp
Faison, Edward
Faison, Eldon HWWIArmy
Faison, Elias J.CWCSA Army11/27/1827 - 1/27/1899
Faison, Frank, Col.CWCSAKIA during the second battle at Cold Harbor, Virginia.
Faison, HaywoodIMG_0838_100Vet: Haywood FaisonVietnam eraServed in Vietnam
Faison, Henry WWWIIArmySSGT
Faison, IshamWWIArmy547 Service BN QMC
Faison, IshamWWIArmyAge 29,
Faison, Isham RolandWWIArmyAge 21
Faison, James E.IMG_0838_100Rep: Roy FaisonVietnam era
Faison, James EliasWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Captain 119 Infantry May 5 1894 - Oct 1 1971; Hindenburg Line, Ypres-Lys, Iie de France, wounded twice
Faison, James Elliot
Faison, Kenneth DelaneyKenneth_Faison_1970_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Kenneth Faison
Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
NDHS 1970. Douglas 1967, 68, and 69.
Faison, Lacy RWWIINavy
Faison, Malcon DKoreaArmyPFC
Faison, Napoleon, Jr. WWIIArmyTEC5, 9780 Truck Co.
Faison, RoyIMG_0838_100Vet: Roy FaisonVietnam era
Faison, Samson L.WWI_FAISON_General_120x150Indian Wars & WWIArmyBrigadier General Samson L. Faison was born in Faison, NC. General Faison's Distinguished Service Medal citation reads as follows: "General Faison commanded with great credit the 60th Infantry Brigade, 30th Division, in the breaking of the enemy's Hindenburg line at Bellicourt, France ..."
Faison, Samson L. (see also served in WWI)IWs_FAISON_Samuel_L_Lt_IndianWar_120x150Indian Wars (also, see WWI)ArmyLt. Samson L. Faison was born in Faison, NC. He graduated from West Point in 1883. served in the Arizona Territory with the 1st Infantry from 1883-1886 during the final years of the Apache Wars. He was one of the few officers present at the council between General Crook and Geronimo in March 1886. He was the son of Elias James Faison and Elizabeth Maria Lane.
Faison, SamuelWWIIArmyPFC Co A 837 Eng AVN BN
Faison, Samuel EdwardWWIArmyAge 25,
Faison, Waverly, Jr.Vietnam era
Faison, WilbertWWIArmyAge 21,
Faison, William KingWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - 1st Lt., 2 Silver Star & OLC, 2 Purple Heaet, Bronze Star, CIB
Faison, Willy APendingRep: Angier OwensWWIIGrand daughter, Angier Owens.
Farmer, Willie JWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL 472 AAA AW BN CAC
Fesperman, BillIMG_0838_100Vet: Bill FespermanKoreaArmy
Fields, James Edward Sr.WWIArmy-
Fields, James Edward Sr.KoreaArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery
Flake, ElmerIMG_0838_100Vet: Elmer Flake
Vietnam eraArmy1964-1988, MSGT, ARCAM, GC, MSM
Flowers, Darrell1964_NDHS_Yearbook_Darrell_Flowers_120x140Vietnam eraNavyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1964. Served on the Aircraft Carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN-65). The Enterprise was the World's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier from 1964-68.
Flowers, Willie Edward WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL 472 AAA AW BN CAC
Foss, DennisIMG_0838_100Vet: Dennis FossVietnam era
Foss, Joe O.1959_NDHS_Yearbook_Joe_Foss_120x160IMG_0838_100Vet/Rep: TBD
Vietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1959. Served in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon, South Vietnam CMSgt Merit, SVC Medal 3 clusters, VSM, GCM, NDSM,
Foss, Ronnie1967_NDHS_Yearbook_Ronnie_Foss_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Ronnie FossVietnam eraServed in Vietnam
Brother of Karen Foss Weston
Freeman, JohnIMG_0838_100Vet: John FreemanWWIIage 90's
Frizzell, William A.WWIIArmy
Fryer, HenryCWCSA Army1830 - 1899
Gardner, ClevelandWWIIAir ForceBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC AAF PROV AIR DEPOT SQ
Garris, William GeraldWilliam_Gerald_Garris_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Angela Garris HughstonVietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Served 22 years in the US Air Force, including a tour at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, Vietnam in the mid 1969-1970. Graduated from Calypso High School in 1954. Grew up in Beautancus.
Gautier, Blackman HWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC
Gautier, Marvin AveryWWIIArmyTEC5
Gay, Peggy AnnPost-VNNational Guard
Gillespie, Perry Don, Sr. (Deceased]Perry_Don_Gillespie_crop_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Gloria Ann Matthews Gillespie (widow)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Buried in Faison Cemetery - SP4 US Army 82nd Airborne
Ginn, William EKoreaMarine CorpsBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL US MARINE CORPS KOREA
Gonzalez, OrlandoIMG_0838_100Vet: Orlando Gonzalez
Gore, James RonaldIMG_0838_100Rep: Ronnie Gore (son)WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 526 ARMD INF BN. Chaufeur for General Patton;
Gore, Paul EdwinVN_GORE_Paul_Edwin_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Helen Gore (aunt)Vietnam eraMerchant MarinesServed in Vietnam
"Attended Faison Elementary School from 1946-1951
Son of David Maurice Gore and Ora Gertrude Exxell Gore"
Green, Jerry
Gregory, John E. Jr.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC CO A 10 ARMD INF BN BSM PH
Gregory, Waldo OdellWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SSGT US Air Force Jul 23, 1918 - Oct 26, 1996 [also Korea]
Grimes, Elizabeth WREVMilitiaCIV. Made uniforms for soldiers.
Grimes, FletcherWWIArmyAge 22
Grimes, JosephREVMilitiaLT
Groome, John D.Post-KoreaArmy
Guy, Donnell W.Donnell W Guy_crop_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Don GuyKoreaAir ForceCalypson High School Class of 1951. Served around 1951-1953?
Guy, DougDoug_Guy_1963_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Suzanne Britt (niece)Vietnam eraAir ForceNorth Duplin High School Class of 1964?? Stationed in Japan
Gwaltney, Danny1970_NDHS_Yearbook_Danny_Gwaltney_120x140Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
Hailwood, William T.WWIIAir ForceSSGT
Hall, RossWWIArmyAge 21
Hamilton, Joseph C.WWIArmyAge 28
Hare, Namon HenryWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 370 Field Artillery
Hargrove, George KIMG_0838_100Vet: George Hargrove
or Rep: Pam Hargrove (sister)
Vietnam eraNavy
Hargrove Joseph NelsonVN_HARGROVE_Joseph_USMC_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Gail Hargrove (widow)
Vietnam eraMarine CorpsServed in Vietnam
"North Duplin High School Class of 1969 . (MIA/KIA) Honored on the ""Faison Memorial Wall"" on this website.

Marine Corps - Crew of the SS Mayaguez. Known as the ""Mayaguez Incident"", the ship and crew were captured by Cambodian forces in International waters and taken to an island. US Marines attempted to capture these POWs, but were unsuccessful. Several books have been written. Efforts continue to bring home Joseph Hargrove"", which is the title of a book that tell of the untiring efforts of his cousin, Gary Turner."
Hargrove Lane KornegayVN_HARGROVE_Lane_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Joseph Oakes (brother-in-law) or Pam Hargrove Oakes (sister)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1965, but moved to PA before graduating. Served in Vietnam (KIA). Honored on the "Faison Memorial Wall" of this website.
Hargrove, Elton R.VN_HARGROVE_Elton_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Elton Hargrove
Vietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
"North Duplin High School Class of 1964
Served in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 in the USAF, 483rd TW PACAF"
Harper, Jimmy LeeVietnam eraArmySSGT
Harrell, Sr., Adam
Harris, Marcus N.KoreaAir ForceSSGT US Air Force 1950-53
Hatcher, HamptonArmycareer
Hatcher, Henry HeadleyIMG_0838_100Rep: Larry BaileyWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery -
Hauser, Donnis Elizabeth KingIMG_0838_100Vet: Donnis King HauserPost-VN Middle Eastdaughter of Carol Oakes Rouse
Hawley, AddisonWWIArmyAge 27
Hennessee, William L, Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: ++++++++KoreaAir ForceSSGT 1950-153
Herring, Elbert A.WWIINavyPost Officer, Pearl Harbor, Purple Heart
Herring, Louis WCWCSA Army6/21/1812 - 2/22/1896
Herring, Marion ThomasKoreaArmyPFC
Hicks, Albert RolandCWCSA Army2/3/1847 - 2/10/1939
Hicks, Elias F.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Co K 1 NC ARTY CSA
Hicks, Faison MosleyKoreaArmyLt.
Hicks, J.H. M.D.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron cross 10/18/1850 - 12/18/1839 - 4/10/1884
Hicks, John MCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Oct 27 1842 Apr 26 1868. Son of Dr. JH & EM Hicks 10/27/1842 - 4/26/1868
Hicks, John MillerWWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery -
Hicks, Louis Thomas, Capt.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Oct 27 1842 Apr 26 1868. Son of Dr. JH & EM Hicks 10/27/1842 - 4/26/1868
Hicks, ThomasREVMilitiaBuried in Faison Cemetery - Captain of N C Company 1254, Mar 30 1725 - In NC Colonial Assemblies 1774-1779
Hicks, Walter LivingstonWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 330 MP Escort GD CO
Hill, AlexanderIMG_0838_100Vet: Alexander HillPost-VN & Middle East1of 7 brothers & sisters who served.
Hill, Augustus [sp?]Post-VN & Middle East1of 7 brothers & sisters who served. Desert Storm
Hill, BonniePost-VN & Middle East1of 7 brothers & sisters who served. Desert Storm
Hill, CharlesPost-VN & Middle East1of 7 brothers & sisters who served. Desert Storm
Hill, Christopher Dudley, ColonelCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Colonel in CSA
Hill, Edwin R.IMG_0838_100Vet: Edwin Hill, Jr.Vietnam era1of 7 brothers & sisters who served.
Hill, Harry
Hill, JamesWWIArmy
Hill, John SpruntSpanish-AmericanArmy1898 Puerto-Rican Campaign
Hill, KennethVietnam era
Hill, LawrencePost-Vietnam
Hill, Leonard DanielWWIIMerchant Marines
Hill, PeterPost-VN & Middle East1of 7 brothers & sisters who served. Desert Storm
Hill, Travara [spelling?]Post-VN & Middle East1of 7 brothers & sisters who served. Desert Storm
Hill, William E.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron cross 2/3/1829 - 4/9/1900
Hill, William L., GeneralCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross
Hill, WillieIMG_0838_100Rep: Bertha HillWWIIArmy
Hines, James Stephen, MajorCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron cross 10/18/1850 - 1830 - 1904
Hines, John C., Lt.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross
Hobbs, BenIMG_0838_100Rep: Larry Bailey on behalf of ____________________Vietnam era
Hobbs, Earl LewisIMG_0838_100Rep: Ann Hobbs (daughter-in-law)WWIINavy
Hobbs, Jim HenryIMG_0838_100Rep: Ann Hobbs (daughter-in-law)WWIINavy
Hobbs, Linwood EarlVietnam eraNavySN
Hobbs, MikeWWIArmyAge 28
Hoey, Henry L.,1949_Henry_Hoey_120wKoreaAir ForceFHS 1949. CAPT IN Korea, Lt. Col.
Hollingsworth, Deems Ray WWIIArmySon of Ada and Fred Hollingsworth.. 1 of 2 Brothers in WWII
Hollingsworth, JohnJohn_Hollingsworth_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Jerry Hollingsworth (son)
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL 87 Mountain INF Mar 22 1920 - Feb 20 1945. KIA in Italy. Son of Ada and Fred Hollingsworth. 1 of 2 Brothers in WWII. Additional Info from his son, Jerry Hollingsworth... John Hollingsworth also received a Purple Heart and his name is on a plaque which is on the Battleship here in Wilmington. That was the ship that took him overseas during WW ll. he also was killed three months before the war ended. It took several years for his body to be returned to the states. He was buried with full military honors. There's is no known existing picture of Uncle John in uniform. His PH metal and burial flag is on display at a Veterans post here in NC.
Holman, WilliamCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross Co F 6 NC CAV CSA
Holmes, George WWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT CO A 105 AMMO TN
Holmes, JackieVietnam era
Holmes, WesleyWesley_Holmes_1970_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Wesley Holmes
Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
NDHS 1970
Houston, HerbertPending
Hudson, RaefordCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross CO H 20 NC INF CSA
Hurst, James RCWCSA Army2nd LT, 26th Reg. 7th Brigade
Igoe, William "Bill"Bill Igoe_120wIMG_0838_100Vet: Bill Igoe
WWII & KoreaMarine CorpsSGT
Ireland, J.D.WWIINavy
Ireland, James DavidCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross
Ireland, Samuel RossCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross
Ivey, Alexander "Alec"Alexander IveyIMG_0838_100Rep: Celes Ivey Jones (sister)Vietnam eraAir ForceServed from 1960-1964. Graduate of NDHS 1959
Ivey, John "jack" W., IIIJack John Ivey III_crop_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Ann Ivey Hart (sister) Post-KoreaArmy10/11/1962 - 10/10/1963. Was a medic. NDHS '59
Jackson, GarlandWWIINavyS1C
Jackson, JackieKoreaNavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Son of Laura Jane (Matthews) Jackson. Jackie also boxed for the Navy.
Jackson, JamesWWIArmyAge 21,
Jackson, James CedricKOR_JACKSON_James_Cedric_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Cedric JacksonPost-KoreaArmySon of Jimmy and Bessie Jackson of Faison.
Jackson, James MWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - TEC 5 US Army
Jackson, James Wade (J.W.)VN_JACKSON_James_Wade_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: J.W. Jackson
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
"Midway High School Class of 1966.
Husband of Becky Taylor Jackson of Faison. Served in an Artillery unit in Fu Loy. Served 14 months from 1969-1970. Rank Sgt.
J.W. was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and the Bronze Star Medal."
Jackson, SkippyVN_JACKSON_Skippy_Army_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Skippy Jackson
Vietnam eraArmy
Jackson, Tomson of Laura Jane Matthews Jones (lived in Faison).
Jackson, Vayden CarltonKoreaSon of Laura Jane (Matthews) Jackson
James, CarrollIMG_0838_100Rep: Ren JamesWWII
James, RoyIMG_0838_100Rep: Ren JamesWWII
James, Murphy B,IMG_0838_100Rep: Ren JamesWWIIBuried in Faison Cemetery - S SGT CO K 105 INF
James, NorwoodIMG_0838_100Rep: Ren James (widow)WWII
Jennette, BromleyTBD_JENNETTE_Brimley_Navy_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Robert Jennette (brother)KoreaNavy3rd Class Petty Officer
Jennette, Buck TaylorTBD_JENNETTE_Buck_Taylor_AF_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Robert Jennette (brother)Korea &Vietnam eraAir ForceTSGT
Jennette, RobertTBD_JENNETTE_Robert_AF_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Robert JennettePost-KoreaAir ForceNDHS 1957, Master Sargeant
Jernigan, Leslie Jerome1966_NDHS_Yearbook_Leslie_Jernigan_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet/Rep: Nikki Jernigan Ennis (daughter)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
"North Duplin High School Class of 1966. Son of Lillie Mae and Audy Jernigan. Sgt, VSM, Pres, Unit Cit, Merit Service, CIB, GCM, Com
Hank Davis and Leslie Jernigan joined the Army in October 1966 on the buddy plan.
Quote from Hank: ""We were together for basic training at Bragg, AIT at Ft Dix NJ & for more training at Ft Lee, Va. then we both went to Vietnam in April 1967 where we were separated with me going to the 9th Infantry & Leslie going to Cu Chi in support of the 25th Infantry. After our year tour I signed up for another tour with the 1st Air Cav but stayed at Tent City B & Les went to Ft Belvoir, Va. I was contemplating another tour in Nam when I got orders for Ft Bragg so I decided that was close enuff to home so home I came. I went to college after getting out & Big Les became a policeman."""
Jeski, Marian KalmarSSGT
Jeski, MichaelNavySN
Jones, CharlesVN_JONES_Charles_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Charles Jones
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
SGT Specialist E-5. Graduated from Clinton High School in 1967. Served in Vietnam from August 3, 1967 - March 29, 1969, with the 173rd Airborne Brigade "Sky Soldiers".

Wounded on April 10, 19698. Dak to Vietnam.

Received Bronze Star Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Purple Heart, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross and Good Conduct Medal.

Partici[pated in Viernam Counter-offensive Phase III, TET 68 Counter Offensive. Counteroffensive Phase IV, Vietnam Counter-offensive Phase V and Vi, and TET 1969 Counter-offensive.
Jones, EarlEarl_Jones_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Earl Jones
Vietnam eraAir ForceServed from October1962-1968. Achieving the rank of Staff Sargent. stationed basic at lackland a f b, Texas. Then I was sent Turkey for a year. To the Netherlands for 3 years. To Albany, Ga. For 9 mo. Pueto Rico. worked on. F-100 , f-102 fighters. Then I went b-52&kc-135
Jones, Jerry Benson (J.B.), MajorIMG_0838_100Rep: Owen Jones (son)
Bonita Jones (mother)
Post-VN & Middle EastArmyWest Point Graduate. In September 2015, Major Jones begins his 4th Middle East tour.
Jones, Jerry PearceJerry_Jones_crop_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Owen Jones (brother)
Earl Jones
Vietnam eraArmy
Jones, Jessie LouisJesse_Louis_Jones_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Earl Jones (brother)Vietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Jessie Louis Jones; Born: January 19, 1941;Deceased: February 28, 1989; Air Force, 20 years;Vietnam: January 29, 1966-February 20, 1967;Retired: January 1, 1980
Jones, John Xerxes (JX)1949 JX_Jones_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Jack Jones (son)KoreaArmySon of Pearl and Randolph Jones. Served with the US Army in Korea. PFC. Faison High School Class of 1949.
Jones, KathyIMG_0838_100Rep: Owen Jones (father)Post-VN Middle East
Jones, OrvilleIMG_0838_100Rep: Orville JonesVietnam eraArmyCPL; GC, ND
Jones, OttoIMG_0838_100Rep: Randy Jones (daughter) + Hellen _______WWIIArmySGT
Jones, Phillip MarkleyIMG_0838_100Rep: Owen Jones (brother)Post-VNNavyRetired
Jones, Robert OwenIMG_0838_100Vet: Owen JonesVietnam eraArmy
Jordan, HenryWWIArmyAge 21,
Jordan, Randy
Jordan, Richard FranklinWWIIArmyKIA. PVT
Joyner, JamesIMG_0838_100Vet: James JoynerVietnam era
Justice, Arnold AllenVietnam eraArmyCPL
Kalmar, John NicholasKoreaCpl
Kalmar, William ChristopherWWIIArmySGT Bronze Star European Theater
Kelly, Robert StanleyIMG_0838_100Rep: Hazel Kelly (widow) or Linda Kelly Sutton (daughter)
WWIIMarine Corps
Kennedy, Robert DavidIMG_0838_100Rep: Danny Kennedy (son)KoreaArmy
Kennedy, RoyIMG_0838_100Rep: Doug Kennedy (son)WWII?
Kennedy, TrumanKorea
Kennedy, TrumanWWII_KENNEDY_Truman_WWII_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Cynthia Kennedy Summerlin (daughter)WWIIArmySon of Dan & Susan Grice Kennedy. Served in Northern Africa under General Patton. Recipient of the Purple Heart. Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Mt. Olive, NC
Kenny, JudsonWWIArmySGT
Kenyon, Joseph, Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: Joseph Kenyon
Kerr, William JamesWWIArmyAge 22,
King, Addison Wilson, Jr. (Deceased]Vietnam eraArmySpecialist 4th Class
King, Alton Ray (Deceased)KOR_KING_Ray_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Dee Slangal (daughter)
Korea & Vietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Buried in Faison Cemetery - TSCT Served in both Korea and Vietnam. Faison High School Class of 1955. Buried in Faison Cemetery - TSCT Served in both Korea and Vietnam.

King, Charles LeeVN_KING_Charles_Lee_120x145IMG_0838_100Rep: Joy King Pate (daughter)Vietnam eraArmy68-72 KSM. North Duplin High School Class of 1965.
King, Christopher MichaelIMG_0838_100TBDPost-VN Middle EastAir ForceSon of Carol Oakes Rouse
King, Gerald1964_NDHS_Yearbook_Gerald_King_120x140Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1964. Served in Vietnam.
King, GlennGlenn_King_1962_120WVietnam eraArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1962.
King, John BCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - 2Lt 24 NC MIL
King, John Hicks, IIIJohnny_king_viet_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: John Hicks KingVietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Entered Army Nov. 1967. Trained as a heavy equipment operator. Spent 14 months in Vietnam and was wounded. Received the Purple Heart and was awarded the Bronz Star, Army Accommodation Medal, and Vietnam Service Medal.
King, ThomasWWIArmyAge 21,
King, Thomas E.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Georgia, S SGT Medical Department
Kinney, JudsonWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Pennsylvania SGT 34 INFANTRY 7 DIV
Kornegay, LeftyIMG_0838_100Vet: Lefty KornegayMiddle EastLefty and Marcus Kornegay are husband and wife.
Kornegay. MarcusIMG_0838_100Vet: Marcus KornegayMiddle EastLefty and Marcus Kornegay are husband and wife.
Kornegay, Horace
Kornegay, Roosevelt
Krantz, NorbertVN_KRANTZ_Norbert_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Norbert KrantzPost-VN & Middle EastArmy1976-1978. Served state-side. Helicopter mechanic
Lane, William JarvisIMG_0838_100Re: Clara Lane Taylor (daughter)WWIArmyAge 27
Served as a Medic in WWI in Europe. He
married Geneva Thomas Hollingsworth from Faison. He farmed and lived in the
Faison area. He was diagnosed with Parkinsonian Syndrome at the age of 46 and
died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 46 in Virginia at the Hampton Road
Soldiers Home. He is buried in the Hampton Roads National Cemetery in Hampton,
Lane, Jesse W.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross; 8/6/1837 - 5/20/1889
Lane, John B.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross CO I1NC CAV
Lane, Nelson S.VN_LANE_Nelson_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Clara Lane TaylorVietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Specialist 4th Class.
Served in the Combat
Engineers in Viet Nam. He was in the Duc Fo area of Vietnam located on the Bon
Song River while serving in the Army.
Lane, WilliamCWCSA Armyfather of William Jarvis Lane, served in the Confederate
Army during the Civil War. He lived and worked in Wayne and Duplin County all
his life. He married Mary Baison from Dudley. They lived in the Beautancus and
Faison areas of Duplin County. Mary and many of his children are buried at Bear
Marsh Church Cemetery and the Town of Calypso Cemetery. He is buried at
Arlington National Cemetery in one the Civil War Veterans areas. Clara Lane
Taylor is his grand daughter.
Lanier, JesseCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross CO I1NC CAV
Leach, CasterWWIArmyAge 21,
Lee, Bobby1953_FHS_Bobby_Lee_120wKoreaArmyFHS 1953
Lee, Charles D.1951_FHS_Charles_Lee_120wPost-KoreaArmy
Lee, Deems NathanWWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CMOMM US Navy
Lee, John (Larkey)IMG_0838_100Rep: Jean Lee AndersonWWII
Lee, MikeKoreaAir ForceBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL
Lewis, Archie ThomasWWIArmyAge 26,
Lewis, Charles RavenContactedWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery -
Lewis, D. HenryCWCSA Army1/8/1823 - 1/8/1899
Lewis, Henry DeweyIMG_0838_100Rep: Lewis Taylor (grandson)WWIArmyInfantry. Buried in Faison Cemetery - PVT Infantry

Lewis, J. GrahamWWII_LEWIS_J_Graham_AF_120x150WWIIAir ForceSargeant, 82nd Squadron
Lewis, Lloyd AWWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - S2 US Navy
Lewis, Luther EmmettWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SGT US Army Air Corps
Lewis, Marion AubigneCWCSA Army10/18/1850 - 3/14/1923
Lewis, Norman AllenWWIIMarine CorpsBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL US Marine Corps
Lewis, Robert, Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: Robert Lewis, Jr.Post-VN Middle East
Lewis, Thomas EarlIMG_0838_100Vet: Thomas Earl LewisMiddle East
Lewis, WilliamWWIINavyLTJG, Purple Heart, 3 battle stars, Pacific Theater
Lewis, William D.IMG_0838_100Vet: William (Bill) LewisKoreaArmyKSM. Cpl
Lingle, Clarence A., Jr.WWIIArmy Air CorpColonel, Five (5) Distinguished Flying Crosses
Lloyd, William "Bill"IMG_0838_100Vet: William "Bill" LloydKoreaArmy
Long, HenryWWII & KoreaMerchant MarinesAlso served in WWII
Long, John MichaelMarine Corps
Malpass, K.D.IMG_0838_100Rep: Joshua Malpass (grandson)WWIIArmy
Mangum, Walter C.IMG_0838_100Rep: Peggy Mangum (widow)WWIIArmy Air Corp2nd Lt.
Marshburn, AlonzoWWIArmyAge 22,
Martin, Eugene Carr, Sr.KOR_MARTIN_Eugene_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Hugh MartinKoreaArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC, Combat Infantry Badge, Service Medal, Bronze Star, UN Med. Husband of Margaret Oates Martin.
Martin, GilesCWCSA ArmyBrother-in-law of Jethro William Oates, Rt. 1, Faison....Born in Wayne County, N.C.. Private, CSA. Enlisted at age 22, June 17, 1861.
Martin, Rachel Carrol [CliftonWWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Lt. JG WAVES; MAM1C WWII
Martin, William BryantCW_MARTIN_William_Bryant_CW_130x150CWCSA ArmyBrother-in-law of Jethro William Oates, Rt. 1, Faison....Born in Wayne County, N.C.. Private, CSA. Enlisted at age 22, June 17, 1861. He was wounded at South Mountain, Maryland, September 14, 1862, and died from wounds on October 16, 1862.
Matthews, Billy "Bill Buck"VN_MATTHEWS_Billy_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Peggy Matthews Roberts (sister)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Buried in Faison Cemetery - North Duplin High School Class of 1967. Son of Mildred H. and Vayden Matthews. US Army Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. Served in Vietnam.
Matthews, DannyMatthews_Danny_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Danny Matthews
Vietnam eraArmyServed 1970-1971. Son of Willie Matthews (WWII). Stationed in Frankfurt Germany
Matthews, Gary RalphAir ForceGary is a 3rd generation Matthews that served in the US military. Gary's father, Billy "Bill Buck" Matthews was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam and grandfather, Vayden Matthews served in WWII.
Matthews, Jacob TateIMG_0838_100Rep: Donald Neil Matthews
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - [1 of 5 Matthews brothers in WWII]
Matthews, Robert FWWII_MATTHEWS_Robert_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Casey Matthews (son) & Billie and Willard (son) NDHS '55 and daughter
WWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - [1 of 5 Matthews brothers in WWII]. S1
Matthews, ScottyScotty_Matthews_120WIMG_0838_100Active Duty: Scotty Matthews
Post-VN & Middle EastAir ForceActive Duty. Served in Iraq. Senior MSGT (career)
Matthews, VaydenWWII_MATTHEWS_Vayden_WWII_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Mildred Hollingsworth Matthews (widow)
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - [1 of 5 Matthews brothers in WWII]
Matthews, "Bill" Wells VivianMatthews_Bill_WWII_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Gloria Gillespie --- orTony Roberts (great-nephew and son of Peggy Matthews Roberts)WWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - [1 of 5 Matthews brothers in WWII]. Served at Pearl Harbor
Matthews, Willie FrancisMatthews_Willie_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Danny Matthews (son)
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - [1 of 5 Matthews brothers in WWII]. PFC, Paratrooper
Maxwell, Warren W.WWIArmyAge 22
McBennett, Cortez
McCarty, BobTBD_McCARTY_Bob_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Bob McCarty or wife, SandyPost-VNArmy
McColman, Nelson FrancesIMG_0838_100Rep: Sarah ______ (daughter)WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SGT, APw/4bronz stars, Phil. Lib.Ribbon w/2stars, VM,Brnz ArrowH
McCullen, Cecil Dewey Jr. , Captain [Deceased]VN_McCULLEN_Dewey_150x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Caroline McCullen (widow)
Vietnam eraArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1962. Son of Velma and Cecil D. McCullen Sr. Served in Vietnam. Served with the 187th Assault Helicopter Company at Tay Nin base camp III Corp RVN, Jan 1969 through Jan 1970. Served as an attack helicopter pilot and flew UH 1C, UH 1M, and AH 1G Cobra attack helicopters. Awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor.
McCullen, Eric
WWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SGT MG CM 119 Infantry
McCullen, OrrenWWIArmy
McCullen, Orren Lafayette "Lafay", IIOrren_LaFayette_McCullen_II_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Mariana McCullen Sanderson (sister)Vietnam eraArmyDOB: 09/13/1945, DOD: 11/12/1990
McCumber, James
McLamb, SherwoodIMG_0838_100Vet: Sherwood McLambMiddle East
McLean, JamesWWIArmyAge 25,
McNeill, Alton DougaldWWII_McNEIL_Dougald_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Carrie McNeill (widow) Backup: Kelly Peña (daughter)WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SGT, Bronze Star 1942-45
McNeill, RoyWWII_McNEIL_Roy_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Hazel McNeill (widow) or Kay McNeill Singleton (daughter)
WWIINavyPetty officer of 3rd Class aboard the ship USS Tunxis which was a net laying ship assigned to protect US Navy ships and harbors during WWII with her anti- submarine nets.
Middleton, Johnnie LeeWWIIArmyTEC 5 394 Truck Co QM
Mikitka, NicholasIMG_0838_100Vet: Nick Mikitka
Post-VN & Middle EastAir ForceServed in the USAF from 1983-2009. Retired as a Master Sergeant (E7). Served in "Operation Desert Storm". SGT Mikitka was the recipient of many awards and medals during his Air Force career... A few examples are listed, as follows: Air Force Commendation Medal with two bronze Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Force Achievement Medal with one bronze Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, with Valor and a silver Oak Leaf Cluster and two bronze, Air Force Good Conduct Medal with one silver Oak Leaf Cluster and two bronze, National Defense Service Medal with a bronze service star, Southwest Asia Service Medal with a bronze service star, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Air Force Overseas Ribbon (short tour), Air Force Longevity Service Award with one silver oak leaf cluster, USAF NCO PME Graduate Ribbon with two bronze oak leaf clusters, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, Air Force Training Ribbon, Kuwait Liberation Medal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Liberation Medal Government of Kuwait
Millard, Charles Henry (C.H.)CH_Millard_Mil_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Sherry Millard Franklin (daughter) & Chuck Millard (son)
Millard, WilloughbyIMG_0838_100Rep: Jeannie Millard Sutton (daughter)
KoreaMerchant Marines
Miller, Bobby SteeleKOR_MILLER_Bobby_Steel_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Bobby Ray Miller (son) or backup: Jimmy Miller (brother)KoreaArmyFHS 1957, Son of Coy Lee and Mildred Miller of Faison. US Army - Sp4, 1957-1960. Served in Germany from 1958-60. Born in Faison, buried in Kinston. [1 of 3 Miller brothers who served]
Miller, ClarenceClarence_Miller_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Clarence "Ski" MillerPost-Korea & VietnamAir Force"Faison High School Class of 1954. Son of Coy Lee and Mildred Miller of Faison - Enlisted in the Air Force and served from July 1958 until Sept 1975 (following service in the Army). Retired as Tech Sgt. Assignments included: 1958 Topsham AFS, Maine; Feb 1959 until Oct 1959 Communications and Cryptographic Schools in Texas; Oct 1959 – Dec 1960 Comm Squadron, Eglin AFB, Fla.; Jan 1961 - Dec 1961 USAF Security Squadron, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska; Jan 1962 – Nov 1963 Foreign Technology Division, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio; Nov 1963 – Aug 1965 attached to National Security Agency (NSA), Fort Meade, Maryland; Sep 1965 – Dec 1968 attached to NSA, Camp Fuchinobe, Japan; Jan 1969 – Aug 1973 USAF Recruiting Service, stationed in Greensboro, NC; Sep 1973 – Sep 1975, USAF Security Squadron, Clark AFB, Philippines ---
During service with the NSA was awarded 2 Joint Service Commendations for Outstanding Job Performance and other awards by the Air Force for service wduring recruiting assignment....
Served in the Army in Korea before enlisting in the Air Force (see above in Korea era)"
Miller, ClarenceVN_MILLER_Clarence_120x145IMG_0838_100Vet: Clarence "Ski" MillerKoreaArmy
Miller, George W., Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: George W. MillerPost-VNArmy
Miller, HomerWWIINavySon of Hezzie Lee and Lola Miller of Faison. [1 of 2 Miller Brothers in WWII]
Miller, James WadsworthVN_MILLER_Jimmy_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Jimmy Miller
Vietnam eraAir ForceNorth Duplin High School Class of 1960. Son of Coy Lee and Mildred Miller of Faison. US Air Force, 1961-1965. Served as an aircraft mechanic at Columbus AFB, Mississippi.
Miller, William LloydWWIIArmySon of Hezzie Lee and Lola Miller of Faison. [1 of 2 Miller Brothers in WWII]
Miller, Wmn ButlerWWIArmyAge 21
Mincy, LillianIMG_0838_100Vet: Lillian MincyTBD
Mitchell, Charles B., Jr.ArmySP4
Moore, Caswell, Jr.WWII_MOORE_Caswell_Jr_Cpl-USARMY_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Pam Jones (daughter)WWIIArmyCorporal, Served in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, and at Normandy
Moore, Edward D.WWIIArmyPVT
Moore, Faison T.ArmySgt retired
Moore, SamWWIArmyAge 21,
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Thomas EarlWWIIArmyTEC4
Moore, William "Trim"
Morada, Teodosio PerezKoreaNavy
Morris, Charles FranklinWWIArmyAge 29,
Morrisey, Jacqueline
Murray, Thomas JeffersonWWIArmyAge 21,
Newsome, DurwinDurwin_Newsome_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Durwin NewsomeVietnam eraArmyServed in Korea from 1969 - 1970. Assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division as a Helicopter Crew Chief
Newsome, LeonardWWIIArmy
Newsome, LeonardWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT BTRY C 113 FLD ARTY
Newton, Graham D.KoreaArmy
Norris, Chester
Oakes, Benton Watkins, Sr.WWI_OAKES_Benton_Watkins_Sr_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Benton "Ben" Oakes, Jr. (son)WWIArmy"Buried in Faison Cemetery -
PVT; Benton Oakes' sons, Joseph D. Oakes and Dave Oakes would, later, serve in the US Army in Vietnam and Korea, respectively."
Oakes, DaveVN_OAKES_Dave_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Dave Oakes
Vietnam eraArmyAttended Faison schools from 1965-1969 (North Duplin Class of 1971), but graduated from high school in Virginia in 1971. Dave joined the Army in 1972 and went to helicopter flight school and from there to Korea. Dave retired from the US Army in 1995, after 23 years of service and has continued to serve by training other military personnel, since retirement. - He is a brother to Joseph Oakes and Carol Rouse. Dave's father, Benton Watkins Oakes, Sr. served in WWI and is buried in the Faison Cemetery.
Oakes, Joseph D1967_NDHS_Yearbook_Joseph_Oakes_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Joseph (Joe) Oakes
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1966 or '67. Served in Vietnam in Army APC's. Joseph was in the 1st Calvary - DELLA. Joseph was wounded 3 times, but still survived to come home to Faison. He is a brother to Dave Oakes and Carol Rouse. - Joseph's father, Benton Watkins Oakes, Sr. served in WWI and is buried in the Faison Cemetery.
Oates, Carl L.IMG_0838_100Vet: Carl L. OatesVietnam eraAir ForceSGT 69-72 GCM NDM
Oates, David W.CWCSA Army1st. Lt.; wounded and captured near Deep Bottom, VA on July 28, 1864. Held as a POW in Washington D.C. prison until June 17, 1865.
Oates, Herbert Koseuth WWII_OATES_Herbert_K_120x145WWIINavySon of Jethro David and Minnie Martin Oates. Gunner's Mate. Herbert served on a PT Boat.
Oates, Hosea, Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: Hosea Oates, Jr.Vietnam eraArmy
Oates, Hosea, Sr.PVT
Oates, Hsea Matthew, Sr.WWIIArmy
Oates, Hugh F.HUGH_OATES_MIL46_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: TBDWWIIArmySon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. 1945-1946, Cpl., Stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. when the war ended. [1 of 4 Oates brothers in WWII]
Oates, JamesREVArmyCaptain, First Company 1766. Son of Joseph Oates
Oates, James ArthurWWI_OATES_James_Arthur_120WWWIArmySon of Jethro David Oates and Minnie Martin Oates, Rt. 1 Faison. Served in France.
Oates, Jesse1812Army4th Sgt. Rifleman, 1st Company, N.C. Troops. Dated and detached from Cumberland Regiment, 4-10-1812. Son of ,
Oates, JethroREVArmyCommissioned Ensign (2nd Lt.) 1761-1765. Son of Joseph Oates
Oates, Jethro DavidCWCSA ArmySon of Jethro and Nancy (Bradshaw) Oates. B1841. Sergeant. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 as a Private, Company A, Regiment 61, Infantry
Oates, Jethro David (J.D.) Jr.JD_OATES_MIL_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: J.D. Oates, IVWWIINavySon of Dorothy and Jethro Oates. Rank: Coxswain
Oates, Jethro David, IIIIMG_0838_100Vet: J.D. Oates, IIIVietnam era
Oates, Joe T.WWII_OATES_Joe_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Robert Oates (son)WWIIArmySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. Oct 1942-duration, Sgt., Mess. Stationed in Europe. Fought against the advancing German Army during the Battle of the Bulge.
Oates, JohnREVArmyCaptain 1764. Son of Joseph Oates
Oates, John A. (KIA)
(brother of Col. William C. Oates)
Oates, John EdwinWWII_OATES_john_e_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Joan Troublefield (step daughter)WWIIArmySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. 1941-1946, Cpl., Stationed in the Pacific. Was awarded the Silver Star medal for gallantry in action against the Japanese in the Philippines.
Oates, John Martin, Jr. (Jack)John_Martin_Oates_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: TBDWWIIArmySon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. Oct 1942- 1946, Cpl. in chemical warfare unit. Stationed in New Caledonia, Manila, and Kobe, Japan. [1 of 4 Oates brothers in WWII]
Oates, John WilliamJohn_William_Oates_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: TBDWWIIArmySon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. 1943-1946, Cpl., Stationed in France. After the war ended in Europe was sent to Manila and then to Nagoya, Japan. [1 of 4 Oates brothers in WWII]
Oates, Joseph Thomas (J.T.)Oates_JT_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Robert Oates (brother)Vietnam eraAir ForceHobbton High School Class of 196_. RFD 1 Faison.
Oates, Larry "Dobby"
Oates, Leon GarlandWWI_OATES_Leon_Garland_120x150WWIArmySon of Jethro David Oates and Minnie Martin Oates, Rt. 1 Faison
Oates, Michael [Deceased]IMG_0838_100Rep: Robert Oates (cousin) on behalf of Sharon Oates Lancaster (sister)Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Hobbton High School Class of 196_. RFD 1 Faison. Son of Kay and Mitchell Oates. Completed two tours of duty in Vietnam. Awarded the Silver Star.
Oates, Norwood KeithKoreaArmySon of Richard Aaron and Mildred Grady Oates and grandson of David Jethro and Minnie Martin Oates. Served in the Army from 1/5/49 to 1/7/52. Discharged with rank of Sargeant. Successfully completed the Airborne Jump School at Fort Benning, Ga. in Sept 1949 and was assigned to 11TH Airborne Medical Battalion at Fort Campbell Ky. In August 1950 he was assigned to the 187TH Airborne Regimental Combat Team as a Medical Aidman and spent 10 months in Korea. He made combat parachute jumps behind enemy lines 10/20/50 and 3/23/51. He was awarded The Bronze Star Medal with "V" Device, Purple Heart, Medical Badge, Parachute Badge, Meritorious Unit Citation and Korean Sv Medal w/4bz sv stars and arrowhead. After being discharged from the Army he completed High School and graduated from N. C. State University in 1959 with a B. S. Degree in Engineering
Oates, Ralph B.Ralph_Oates_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Janet Oates Lanier (daughter)WWIIAir Force"Son of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. 1943-end of war. Pvt. in Army Air Corp ground crew. Stationed in England
Married Carrie Kelly and Father of Janet Oates Lanier, NDHS Class of 1964. [1 of 4 Oates brothers in WWII]"
Oates, Richard AaronWWI_OATES_Richard_Aaron_WWI_120x150WWIArmySon of Jethro David Oates and Minnie Martin Oates, Rt. 1 Faison
Oates, Robert (Bob) L.KOR_OATES_Bob_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Janet Oates Carter (daughter)KoreaArmySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. 1950-1952, Pvt.
Oates, RudyIMG_0838_100Vet: Rudy Oates
Vietnam eraAir ForceFaison School 1954 and Mt. Olive High School Class of 1958. Son of Myrtie and Ronald Oates Sr. 1962-1966. 1st Lt. - Stationed in Alabama and Ohio.
Oates, SamSAM_OATES_MIL54_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Jean Oates (widow)KoreaNavySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. 1951-1954, Pacific - Korea. Served on Cruiser Rochester
Oates, Tommy Gene
Vietnam eraArmy"Jethro Oates line. Jethro David Oates/ Truman Oates/ Thomas Gordon Oates/
Army Infantry. Served in Vietnam. [KIA] (b1950-d1969) "
Oates, William CalvinCW_OATES_William_C_120x150CWCSA ArmyDescendant of James Oates, between Faison and Clinton. 1st Lt., Co. G, 15th Alabama. Click to read about John A. Oates, "No brothers loved each other more" Gettysburg Battle of "Little Round Top". Died on July 25, 1863 at Gettysburg. Message left on "Oates' Rock". Descendant of James Oates, between Faison and Clinton. Colonel, 15th Alabama. Fought against Col. Joshua Chamberlain in the famous Battle of Little Round Top at Gettysburg. The two are the subject of several books on Gettysburg. Later, William C. Oates became Governor of Alabama and a US Congressman. "Gettysburg--The Battle on the Right." By Colonel Wm. C. Oates, of Alabama.

Odom, L.C.WWIIArmyPVT. France, Belgium, and Germany
Ohmer, Harvey B.WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - 1 Lieut CML Warfare Service
Outlaw, LarryLarry_Outlaw_1961_120WVietnam eraArmyNorth Duplin High School Class of 1961
Padgett, Douglas EugeneIMG_0838_100Rep: Douglas Padgett, Jr.KoreaAir ForceBuried in Faison Cemetery - SSGT US Air Force
Parker, Harry L.WWIIArmy
Parker, Julian AWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - 1 Lieut CML Warfare Service
Parker, LeonardTBD_PARKER_Leonard_now-2008_120WWWIIArmyTEC5 Faison
Parker, MichaelTBD_PARKER_Michael_A_120x150Navy
Parks, BenIMG_0838_100Vet: Ben ParksPost-Korea
Parks, William GordonKOR_PARKS_William_Gordon_Navy_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Allan Parks (son)KoreaNavyFHS 1949
Parrish, BenPost-VN_PARRISH_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Ben Parrish
Korea & VietnamArmy
Parrish, Cherish "Charlie" Anne BlandPost-VN_PARRISH_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: "Charlie" Anne Bland Parrish
Post-VN & Middle EastArmy"""Charlie"" Anne Parrish ____________________________________________
Daughter of William Tim (Timmy) Bland, National Guard, North Duplin High School Class of 1977.
Grandfather was Isham Ray Bland Jr., US Army Air Corp, WWII, and
Great-Grandfather was Isham Ray Bland Sr., US Army WWI. "
Parrish, Elbert AdrianWWIINavyRank: PhM1C
Parrish, Thomas Glenn [Deceased]1964_NDHS_Yearbook_Thomas_Glenn_Parrish_120x140Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1964.. Son of and Myrtle and Viron Parrish. US Air Force, Sgt. Served in Vietnam.
Pass, James C.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross 3/2/1830 - 8/7/1882
Pate, Leslie EdisonIMG_0838_100Rep: Arwilda Rouse Pate (widow)
Korea`Served in Korea 1950-1952
Patten, DonKOR_PATTEN_Don_AF_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Don PattenVietnam eraAir Force1964-68
Pearsall, William F.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross, CO A 38 NC INF CSA
Peterson, George TWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - ATEC 5 US Army
Peña, JuniorIMG_0838_100Vet: Junior PeñaPost-VN & Middle EastAir Force & Army
Pickette, ArloIMG_0838_100Vet: Arlo PicketteKoreaArmy
Pigford, John EdwardCWCSA Army1840 - 1910
PollockCWCSA Army
Poole, Mac TruittPendingRep: Jo Ann Poole (wife)KoreaArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SP4 US Army
Powell, Edward LucasWWIArmyAge 21,
Powell, SolomanWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CPL
Power, George Patrick (Pat)VN_POWER_Lance_Cpl_Patrick_KIA_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Kent Southerland
Vietnam eraMarine CorpsServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1967. Lance Cpl, Patrick Power joined the Marine Corps through the early enlistment program during his Senior year at North Duplin. Pat completed basic training at Parris Island, SC. Pat saw his friend Nelson Best before leaving for Vietnam. Nelson never saw Pat again, as he was KIA in Vietnam in 1968.
Power, Willie RVietnam eraArmy68-71 SGT
Precythe, Henry (Buster)IMG_0838_100Vet: Henry "Buster" PrecytheKoreaArmyCPL
Precythe, Henry W1950_FHS_Henry+Precythe_120wIMG_0838_100Vet: Henry W. PrecytheKoreaFHS 1950
Precythe, Ralph DouglasRalph_Precythe_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Jane Hollingsworth (daughter)WWIIArmyPVT. Awarded the Purple Heart
Price, C. WendellC Wendell Price WWII_120WWWIINavySon of Major L. & Sula Lewis Price. Buried in Clinton Cemetery
Price, Cecil SpauldingWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery -
Price, Charles AllenKOR_PRICE_Charles_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Charles Allen Price
Korea & Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Charles A. Price, Son of Allen Richard Price and Cora Millen Price. Served in both Korea and Vietnam. career
Price, Eddis C.WWII_PRICE_Eddis_120x145WWIIArmySon of Major L. & Sula Lewis Price. Served in Germany. Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal. He was assigned to the Army Occupation of Germany at the end of WWII. Buried in Clinton Cemetery
Price, Johnny B.IMG_0838_100Vet: Johnny PricePost-VN Middle EastArmyNDHS 1978. Served from 4/1/1981 - 6/30/1997. Son of Charles A Price.
Price, Major LewisWWI_PRICE_Major_WWI_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Cynthia Kennedy Summerlin (grand daughter)WWIArmySon of Major Anthony & Katie Kornegay Price, US Army Signal Corp, served in France, Buried in Calypso Cemetery.
Price, MenzoWWIIArmyPVT
Price, RayRay_Price_120wContactedVietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
"Pic of Ray Price, Vietnam Veteran, ND Class of 1967. Served in US Air Force, July 1968-89. In Vietnam 1969-70. Son of Lincoln & Sadie Price.
Pridgen, Charles DouglasCharles_Pridgen_1965_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Charles PridgenVietnam eraNavy
Pridgen, George W.; 1 of 4 brothers in the CSA.CWCSA ArmyPvt, Sgt, Enlisted in Green County, December 20, 1862, for war. Present or accounted for until transferred to Company C, 67th Regiment NC Troops on January 18, 1864.
Pridgen, Jesse C.; 1 of 4 brothers in the CSA.CWCSA ArmyPvt, Sgt, Enlisted in Green County, December 20, 1862, for war. Present or accounted for until transferred to Company C, 67th Regiment NC Troops on January 18, 1864.
Pridgen, Leonidas Harper; 1 of 4 brothers in the CSA.CW_PRIDGEN_Leonidas-Harper_at-age-90-The-Medal-he-is-wearing-is-The-Southern-Cross-of-Honor-from-the-Civil-War_120W-120x150CWCSA ArmyEnlisted in Duplin County, February 15, 1863, for war. Present or accounted for until transferred to Company C, 67th Regiment NC Troops on January 18, 1864.
Pridgen, Simon Lafayette; 1 0f 4 brothers in the CSA.CWCSA"Simon Lafayette Pridgen was born in 1839 in Lenoir Co/Duplin Co., NC. He enlisted in the Confederate Army on 20 Jan 1862 in Duplin Co., NC. He was transferred to Company F, 13th Battalion, NC Light Artillery on 4 Nov 1863.
He was transferred to 1st Co. H., 40 Regiment NC Troops on 4 Nov 1863 as a Corporal. In 1880 he was a Farmer in Lenoir Co., NC. He died in 1885 in Greene Co., NC. Simon Lafayette Pridgen and Mary Lou Ellen Lewis were married in 1866 in Duplin Co., NC. Mary Lou Ellen Lewis was born about 1845 in Faison, Duplin Co., NC."
Pridgen, William HarperVN_PRIDGEN_Harper_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Harper PridgenVietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
"North Duplin High School Class of 1959. Son of John and Ethel Pridgen of Beautancus. Served in the US Air Force and in Vietnam in 1967 & 1968. Stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon during the Tet offensive in 1968. Retired after 27 years of service. Last assignment was MacDill AFB in Florida.
Pugh, PerryWWIArmyAge 24,
Rackley, Wilbert JamesIMG_0838_100Rep: Kenneth AventWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC US Army
Ray, Horace T. KoreaArmy
Rich, Christopher C.CWCSA Army9/15/1846 - 9/7/1899
Richey, Robert G.WWIIArmy
Roberts, B.C., Jr.VN_ROBERTS_BC-Roberts_National_Guard_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: B.C. RobertsVietnam eraNational GuardPrivate E-33
Roberts, DelmasAir Force
Roberts, Joseph AVietnam eraNavy
Rouse, ClaudeIMG_0838_100Rep: Claudette Rouse Shelton (daughter)
Rouse, John CharlesJohn_Charles_Rouse_1964_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: John Charles Rouse
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
E5 Disability due to Agent Orange exposure.
Rouse, Mike
Rouse, Randy1958_NDHS_Yearbook_Randy_Rouse_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Randy Rouse
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1958. Spc5. Served in Vietnam 1967-68
Rumbley, Gordon WWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Major US Army
Sampson, Charles
Sampson, CharlieWWIArmyCo D D 810 Pioneer INF
Sampson, LouisIMG_0838_100Vet: Louis SampsonVietnam eraNavy
Sampson, RobertIMG_0838_100Vet: Robert SampsonVietnam eraMarine Corps
Sanderson, BobbyNavy
Sanderson, Harry Lee WWII & KoreaMerchant MarinesAlso served in WWII
Sanderson, Issac James, Jr.WWII & KoreaMerchant Marines
Sasser, GeneArmy
Sessoms, John D. [Deceased]1963_NDHS_Yearbook_John_D_Sessoms_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Rose Sessoms (widow)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1963. E3
VSM w/ 1 Star, NDSM, VCM, Sharpshooter
Sessoms, William "Cootie" [Deceased]1965_NDHS_Yearbook_William_Sessoms_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Nicole Bray (daughter)
Vietnam eraNavyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1964. William (Cootie) served in Vietnam on the Aircraft Carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN-65). The Enterprise was the World's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier.
Shambley, Robert
Shaw, HenryWWIArmyAge 24, 323 Labor BN QMC
Sherrod, LamontVietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Shine, ConnieIMG_0838_100Vet: Connie ShinePost-Vietnam
Shine, James [John?] FranklinCWCSA Army9/25/1829 - 12/11/1911
Shine, James FrancesCWCSA Army9/25/1829 - 12/11/1911
Shine, John F.WWINavy
Shine, John FaisonWWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - BM 1 USNRF
Simmons, SolomanWWIIArmyPVT
Singletary, Frank C.CWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross CO C 36 ALA INF CSA
Singleton, Mike (SGM)Post_VN_SINGLETON_MikeIMG_0838_100Vet: Mike Singleton
Post-VN & Middle EastArmy"Husband of Kay McNeil, whose father was Roy McNeil of Faison and a Veteran of WWII.

Sergeant Major Mike Singleton entered the US Army 14 April, 1987. SGM Singleton has deployed to Panama in support of Operation Just Cause, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD/ DESERT STORM, Afghanistan in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM and in Iraq in support of IRAQI FREEDOM.
Sergeant Major Singleton is a highly decorated veteran including the Legion Of Merit, Bronze Star medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Campaign Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Commendation Medal with Valor device and 1 Silver Oak Leaf Cluster, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal with 1 Silver Oak Leaf Cluster and 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Good Conduct Medal 8th Award, National Defense Service Medal with Bronze service star, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with Bronze Arrowhead, Southwest Asia Service Medal with 2 bronze service stars, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Service Stars, Global war on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global war on Terrorism Service Medal. Humanitarian Service Medal, Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon with numeral 4, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Kuwait Liberation Medal for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Liberation Medal for Kuwait, Presidential Unit Citation, Valorous Unit Award, Meritorious Unit Citation, Army Superior Unit Award, Ranger Tab, Sapper Tab, Combat Action Badge, Pathfinder Badge, Master Parachutist Badge with Bronze Service Star, Air Assault Badge, Drivers Mechanics Badge, and 6 Overseas Bars.

Sergeant Major Singleton has supported numerous real world and training exercises throughout the United States and the World.

SGM Singleton served as Combat Construction Engineer and Combat Engineer Squad Leader, while assigned to the 307th Engineer Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division.... He served as an instructor and squad leader for Pre-Ranger course, sniper stalking course, and multiple others, too many to list. On September 1st 1994, SGM Singleton was assigned to the 1st Special Forces Operation Detachment Delta-DELTA FORCE where he served as a Special Operation Engineer, Senior Special Operations Engineer, Operations Sergeant, Engineer First Sergeant, Operations Sergeant Major and culminated his career as the Engineer Squadron Sergeant Major."
Slocumb, Earl
Smith, Charles AutryWWIINavy
Smith, CharlieWWIArmyAge 24,
Smith, Douglas DariusWWIArmyAge 23,
Smith, Essie J.WWIIAAC
Smith, Granville BobVietnam eraMarine CorpsServed in Vietnam
MSGT. 3 Purple Hearts

Smith, James FranklinWWIIArmy
Smith, James WalterWWIArmyAge 23,
Smith, Jesse LeeWWIIArmyPFC
Smith, JulianIMG_0838_100Vet: Julian SmithWWIIServed during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam
Smith, L.L. WWIIArmy
Smith, Ralph, Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: Ralph Smith, Jr. Post-Vietnam
Smith, Relma M, Jr.Vietnam eraArmySPEC5 70-73
Smith, WillWWIArmyAge 21, Co D. Development BNF
Smith, WillyIMG_0838_100Vet: Willy SmithPost-Vietnam
Stancil, ArbanyWWII_STANCIL_Arbany_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Sharon Hudson (daughter)WWIIMarine Corps
Stancil, Edgar RIMG_0838_100rep: Eleanor Stancil Tucker (sister)WWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT
Stancil, James RayKoreaNational GuardPVT. BTRY D, 150TH AAA
Stephens, Willie R.WWIArmyAge 21,
Stevens, David E.KoreaArmyCPL
Stevens, McClureWWIIArmyPFC
Stevens, Monroe
Stevens, Morris MKoreaArmy
Stevens, ReggieIMG_0838_100Vet: Reggie StevensPost-Vietnam
Stevens, SimonWWIArmyAge 21,
Stevens, SteveIMG_0838_100Vet: Steve Stevens; backup: Kenneth Faison
Post-VN & Middle EastAir ForceOct 1978 - Jan 1983. Four years in Germany as a Food Service Specialist
Strickland, Arnold RayKorea & VietnamArmySPEC6
Strickland, James S.WWII
Stroud, J.B., IIIKOR_STROUD_JB_III_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: J.B. StroudKoreaArmyCaptain, Army Intelligence
Summerlin, Ashley G.VN_SUMMERLIN_Ashley_Summerin_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Ashley G. Summerlin
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1968.. Son of Grady & Cora Wellington Summerlin. Served in Vietnam, 526th CC&S / Company E00
Summerlin, Charles W.Charles_Summerlin_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Sherry Summerlin Darling (daughter)
Vietnam eraArmyCharles w Summerlin was born and raised in Faison he attended Faison school he was a veteran! He was in the army during 1965 to 1966 he was in the dominion republic crisis it was called operation power pack! He passed away from cancer in July 2007! Brothers are Ashley Summerlin and George Summerlin. Parents were Grady and Cora Summerlin they had the little store!
Summerlin, GeorgeGeorge_Summerlin_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: George Summerlin
Vietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Attended Faison High School, but received his diploma after joining the USAF. Son of Grady & Cora Wellington Summerlin, Retired US Air Force. Served in England, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam
Summerlin, MelvinKoreaArmyBrother of Russell Summerlin
Summerlin, OliverArmy
Summerlin, RussellKoreaArmyServed in Vietnam
Brother of Melvin Summerlin
Sutton, CarrollCarroll_Sutton_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Carroll Sutton
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1962. Sgt. Served from 4-6-1967 - 4-6-1968. Ben-Luc, Vietnam
Sutton, Daniel CorneliusWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC 26 INF
Sutton, Dillon StephenKoreaArmySPEC3 KSM 1954-55
Sutton, FloydKOR_SUTTON_Floyd_AF_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Dorothy Sutton (widow)KoreaAir ForceFHS 1951
Sutton, GeraldGerald_Sutton_1966_120WVietnam eraAir Force
Sutton, Leon DavisKOR_SUTTON_Leon_day-after-truce-signed_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Lloyd Sutton (brother)KoreaArmy
Sutton, Leonidas G.WWIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT Field Arty
Sutton, Lloyd1951_FHS_Lloyd_Sutton_120wIMG_0838_100Vet: Lloyd SuttonKoreaNavyFHS 1951 MM3
Sutton, Marvin EWWIIUS Coast GuardBuried in Faison Cemetery - GM5 US Coast Guard
Sutton, Matthew AlanMatt_Sutton_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Matthew SuttonPost-VN & Middle EastArmyOperation Iraqi Freedom
Sutton, Melvin CKoreaArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery
Sutton, Oscar M.Oscar_Sutton_vet_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Oscar M. SuttonVietnam eraAir ForceServed in Vietnam
Served from 1954 - 1977, including service in Vietnam
Swinson, Hilbert "Joe" Aldine, Sr.Joe_Swinson_CHS-1954_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Jean Swinson (widow)KoreaNavyUnited States Navy, E-5.
Served during the Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Died 0n Veterans Day, November 11, 2013. Graduated from Calypso High School in 1954
Swinson, JesseREV
Swinson, MarvinIMG_0838_100Rep: Amanda Swinson Powers (daughter)Vietnam era
Swinson, Michael, Lt. Col.Rep: Amanda Swinson Powers (daughter)Rep: Joan Swinson (mother)Lt. Col.
Tadlock, William (Billy)William_Tadlock_1962_120WContactedVietnam eraNational Guard
Tann, Hezekiah
Tann, Kelvis
Taylor, ArthurNavy
Taylor, C.B., Jr.Army
Taylor, Ceness LeonWWIArmyCpl
Taylor, Ceness Leon, Jr.WWIIArmyPVT
Taylor, Dewey AmbroseNavy
Taylor, Donnell W.IMG_0838_100Vet: Donnie Taylor
Post-VN & Middle EastArmy1988-95 E4
Taylor, FrankWWIArmyAge 23,
Taylor, Frank Donnell1950_Frank_Donald_Taylor_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Mandy Baker (daughter)
KoreaArmyFHS 1950, 1st Lt.
Taylor, GeorgeAir Forceretired
Taylor, James MarcusKoreaArmyCpl
Taylor, KennethKoreaAir Force1LT
Taylor, Leon, Jr.IMG_0838_100Vet: Leon TaylorWWII
Taylor, LeonIMG_0838_100Rep: Mary Gray Taylor MurphyWWIArmy
Taylor, LewisVN_TAYLOR_Lewis-TAYLOR_Taylor_Fremont-National-Guard_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Lewis TaylorVietnam eraNational GuardSpecialist 4th Class, Fremont National Guard
Taylor, Luther E., Jr.IMG_0838_100Rep: Mandy Baker (niece)
Taylor, MarcusMarcus Taylor Army_Korea_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Maxine Taylor (wife)WWII & KoreaMerchant Marines - WWII
Army - Korea
7/20/1925 - 7/24-2014. Lived to be 88 years old. Graduate of Faison High School. Buried in Devotional Gardens, Warsaw, NC.
Taylor, Ray Lee1951_FHS_Ray_Taylor_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Clara Taylor (widow)KoreaArmyFHS 1951, PFC
Taylor, Raymond ClydeNavy
Taylor, Samuel E.Sam Taylor's Army Pic_crop_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Samuel TaylorWWIIMM, Army
Taylor, TomWWI_TAYLOR_Tom_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Tommy Taylor [grandson & name sake]WWIArmyCpl, Inducted at age 27. Served in France and England
Telesford, Pena, Jr.Post-VN & Middle EastArmyCpl
Thompson, Alonzo F.
Thompson, Archie
Thompson, Delton E.IMG_0838_100Vet: Delton Thompson
Vietnam eraServed in Vietnam
Douglas High School. Son of Heywood Faison, NDHS Principal.
Thompson, Edwin E.
Thompson, Edwin M.
Thompson, Fuller
Thompson, James MWWIIArmy Air CorpSGT 310 Base Unit AAF
Thompson, Johnnie
Thompson, Julius C.
Thompson, Maceo
Thompson, Mordecai W.Vietnam eraNavyCPO
Thompson, Olander B.
Thomson, WilliamREVArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT 2 NC REGT REV WAR
Thomson, William SampsonWWIIArmy
Thomson, Willis AndrewCWCSA ArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - CSA Iron Cross CO C2 NC ARTY CSA 10/18/1850 - 3/29/1845 - 2/21/1927
Thornton, Ammie ScottWWIArmyAge 27
Thornton, EldonKOR_THORNTON_Eldon-_Army_120x145IMG_0838_100Vet: Eldon ThorntonKoreaArmyCpl. Served in Germany
Thornton, Gordan DouglasGordan_Thornton_1962_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Gordan Thornton [need to confirm]Vietnam eraAir ForceNorth Duplin High School Class of 1962.
Thornton, John HWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Apr 20 1921 - Aug 17 1991
Thornton, LinwoodLinwood_Thornton_120x180IMG_0838_100Vet: Linwood Thornton
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1969. Served in Vietnam from Mar, 1971 - Oct 1971. 10th Calvary, 1st Field Force at An Khe in the Central Highlands. MOS was 11BP8 (infantry scout dog handler). Linwood's dog was named Hasso. Pictures of Hasso are included in sub0menu "Our Boys in Vietnam". E4.
Thornton, William E.Post_WWII_THORNTON__Astronaut_William_120x150Post-Korea [Career 19__ - 19__ ]Air ForceCOL. NASA Astronaut. Faison High School Class of 1947.
Troublefield, Harvey J.IMG_0838_100Vet: Harvey TroublefieldKorea
Tucker, BenWWII_TUCKER_Ben_120x145IMG_0838_100Rep: Eleanor Tucker (widow)WWIIArmyServed in Italy. Corporal, ____-2011.
Tucker, Bobby GeneVN_TUCKER_Bobby_Gene_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Bobby Gene Tucker
Sit with his mother (Eleanor Tucker)
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
Tucker, ElmoreWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - June 15, 1921 - Mar 18, 1987
Tucker, EmmettEmmett_Tucker_WWII_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Emmett Tucker, Jr. (son)WWIIArmy1925-1974
Tucker, Henry LeeIMG_0838_100Rep: John Tucker (son)WWIIArmy1914-1976
Tucker, Jesse Thomas, Jr.VN_TUCKER_Tommy_Navy_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Tommy Tucker
Vietnam eraNavyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1963. With the 592 River Div. 1st at Na Bhe, then on the Cambodian border at Go Da Hah, VCM, VSM, ND, NCM, with Combat "V"
Tucker, Silas Lee, Jr.KoreaNational GuardPVT, BTRY D, 150th AAA (WWII?)
Tyndal, James HWWIINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - SV US Navy
Tyson, Ernest R.Army
Uptegrove, John WilliamWWIPVTKIA, age 23
Vann, Carnell (spelling?)IMG_0838_100Vet: Carnell VannPost-VietnamArmyE-7 GC ND
Vann, KennethVietnam era
Vann, Walter K.IMG_0838_100Vet: Walter K. VannTBDAir ForceE-7 GC ND
Vernon, JasonTBD_VERNON_Jason_Army_120x150Post-VN & Middle EastNational Guard
Warren, Carlton "Pete"WWII_WARREN_Carlton_pete_120x150IMG_0838_100Rep: Jenna Warren (grand daughter)WWIIArmy
Warren, Kenneth (Smutt)KOR_WARREN_Kenneth_Smutt_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Karen Warren NewmanKoreaAir ForceKenneth (Smutt) Warren, Staff Sgt, Army Air Corps. 1950-1953.
Warren, Lacy FranklinLacy%20Warren%20-%20Taken%20Feb%209th%201944%20Llondadno,%20North%20Wales_Lacy_Warren_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Jane Precythe HollingsworthWWIIArmy Air CorpsBuried in Faison Cemetery - SSGT WWII 1918-1975
Warren, MelvilleIMG_0838_100Rep: Jane Precythe HollingsworthWWIIArmy
Waters, Earl Eugene, Sr.Earl Eugene Waters_Faison_WWIIIMG_0838_100Rep: Jane Precythe HollingsworthWWIIb. Feb 13, 1924 in Faison. Deceased: Feb 2, 2009 in Orlando, FL. Novie and Mary Waters. Sisters were Lucile and Mable. Served in WWII and was honorably discharged in 1946. His obit stated that he loved the American flag and loved to wear WWII veteran's cap. He jokingly would say that he was a poor plow boy from North Carolina.
Watkins, PhillipWWIIArmySGT
Weatherby, VernonWWIIMerchant Marines
Weaver, Joseph EarlWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT
Weeks, Johnnie M.
Weeks, Roland LWWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PVT
Weeks, William C.IMG_0838_100Vet: William WeeksVietnam eraAir Force1968-1975
Weeks, WoodrowWoodrow_Weeks_KIA_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: ______ (sister)
WWIIArmyBuried in Faison Cemetery - PFC 117 INF 30 DIV Nov 5 1916 - June 25, 1944. b. 11/05/1916. d. 7/25/1944 in France. 117th Infantry, 30th Army Division. Buried at U.S. Military Cemetery in St. Lo, France. In 1947, the Weeks family requested that his body be returned home. He was buried in Faison in 1948. Woodrow Weeks was a farmer.
Weeks, Woodrow (Woody)Woody_Weeks_1963_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Woody WeeksVietnam eraAir ForceNorth Duplin High School Class of 1963.
Wells, CarnellVietnam eraArmyPFC
Whaley, Paul J.WWIIAir ForceBuried in Faison Cemetery - TSGT US Air Force
Wheless, Fred Willis 1950_FHS_Willis_Wheliss_120wIMG_0838_100Rep: Linda (Lindsay) Precythe (widow)KoreaMarine CorpsFHS 1950
Wheless, Paul WadeIMG_0838_100Rep: Lynn Wheless Spain (daughter)KoreaMarine CorpsFHS 1951, Buried in Faison Cemetery - PFC US MARINE CORPS
Whiterington, RobertWWINavy
Whitherington, FaisonWWIArmyCapt.
Whitman, Albert Jason Air Force
Williams, Ben RussellIMG_0838_100Vet: Ben Russell Williams
Williams, BernicePendingRep: Anne HobbsWWIINavy
Williams, DonaldKoreaAir Force
Williams, Elton JohnTBD_WILLIAMS_Elton_John_Navy_Seabees_120x150Navy
Williams, Isham RolandWWIArmyPurple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross
Williams, Jno. DavidWWIArmyAge 21,
Williams, Louis Hicks MD FACSWWINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Lieutenant Commander Medical Corps
Williams, MarlonTBD_WILLIAMS_Marlon_Army_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Marlon WilliamsMiddle EastArmyServed in Iraq
Williams, Marshall McDiarmid, JrWWINavyMAJ Buried in Faison Cemetery - Coast Artillery Corps,
Williams, Matthew DeanWWIArmyAge 22,
Williams, Paul IrvinWWIIArmy
Williams, RonaldTBD_WILLIAMS_Ronald_120x150IMG_0838_100Vet: Ronald WilliamsVietnamArmyServed in Vietnam
Three tours
Williams, Virginius FaisonWWINavyBuried in Faison Cemetery - Feb 2 1895 Apr 4 1977
Williams, WillWWIArmyAge 21,
Williams, Wm. L.WWIArmyAge 26
Williamson, Alton
Vietnam eraAir Forceb 12/30/1937. Served in the USAF from 1955-1975 (retired). TEC SGT E-6. Stationed in French Morroco 1960-1961; Japan 1965-1966. Tialand 1966-1967.Son of Annie Williamson Brown and Roland Williamson. Step-father was Marsden Henry Brown
Williamson, Bobby Eugene [Deceased]Vietnam eraArmyMay 12, 1936 to July 21, 1997. Served in the Army for 22 years. SGM E-9. Served in Vietnam from July 1968 - Oct. 1969.. He was a Mason and Shriner. County Commissioner in Burke County. Son of Annie Williamson Brown and Roland Williamson. Step-father was Marsden Henry Brown
Williamson, Ralph1961_NDHS_Yearbook_Ralph_Williamson_120x147IMG_0838_100Vet: Ralph Williamson
Vietnam eraArmyServed in Vietnam
North Duplin High School Class of 1961. Service 1966-68. Army Cpl. Served in Vietnam and was wounded, Medevac'd to Japan for recovery. Son of Annie Williamson Brown and Roland Williamson. Step-father was Marsden Henry Brown
Wilson, JohnJohnny_Wilson_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: John Wilson
Vietnam era
Wilson, RayRay_Wilson_120WIMG_0838_100Vet: Ray Wilson [confirm]TBD
Wilson, WillisWillis_Wilson_120WIMG_0838_100Rep: Ann Wilson Warren (daughter)
WWIIMarried to Ruby Hollingsworth Wilson, sister of Mildred Hollingsworth Matthews. Buried in Wilmington
Winders, Mary Fannie West wife of Robert M. Winders??WWIBuried in Faison Cemetery - Medical Department
Winders, Robert MurrayWWIArmyAge 23
Witherington, FaisonWWIArmyCAPT
Witherington, RobertWWINavy
Wright, ArtWWIArmyAge 23,
Wright, GilbertWWIArmyAge 22,
Wright, RandelsonWWIArmyAge 24,
Blount, LeonardPendingNot Registered, but attended MDPost-Korea1957-1958
Thornton, Eugene DouglasPending
Jones, PeggyPendingMiddle East
Smith, Faison LeePendingWWII
Covington, MelvinPendingMiddle East
Bounds, MillardPending
Jones, Nakia L.PendingRep: Judy JonesPost-VN Middle EastKorea & Afghanistan
Sasser, WadePendingRep: Sebron SasserWWII
Weeks, AlbertPendingRep:WWII
Weeks, James Albert, Jr.PendingRep:Vietnam era
Mello, Joe BrucePendingRep:Vietnam era
Wilbon, HermanPendingRep:WWIIArmy
Wilbon, CharliePendingRep:WWIIArmy
Brock, WilliamPendingRep:Vietnam era
Daughtry, DavidPendingVet: David DaughtryVietnam era[from Skeater Point] need to verify Faison Area definition
Smith, Jesse, Jr.PendingVet: or Rep: ??Vietnam era
Joyner, Linda Rouse
Fryar, ChrisPendingMiddle east