Faison 1870’s-1890’s


Thornton Building
This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Researcher: William House  ..this may have been one of the first stores in Faison, may date back to 1850s…I was wrong on a few things when I first research this… Moore Lee Thornton did buy interest in the store but never owned the store lot…the Faison’s 1st own the store & lot, then it was sold to John Oates,,,Oates partnered up with Thornton….Oates sold his interest to [Sebron] Weeks…Oates sold the land to Thomas Perrett….Weeks lost his interest in the store due to a note on borrowed money, which Dr. John M. Faison bought, but it continued as Weeks & Thornton store lot. In 1890s changed to Faison & Thornton.. In 1905 the heirs of Thornton sold their interest of the Thornton 1/2 of store to William E. Thornton….In 1911, Perrett sold the store lot to Thornton for $325….In 1915, Dr. Faison sold his 1/2 interest in the Faison & Thornton for $350….By 1915, Thornton owned the store & store lot…



Article about 1880's

Council between General Crook and Geronimo in Mexico in March, 1886. Lt. Faison is seated far left in foreground.
March, 1888: Council between General Crook and Geronimo in Mexico.
Lt. Faison seated on far left in foreground. Faison would become a famous General in WWI.



Atlantic Coast Line Depot in Faison


Bails of Cotton Ready to Be Shipped by Rail