Faison Depot 1860’s & CW

1860's and Civil War

Company E_1200W

Duplin Greys - Company E of the 20th NC Regiment 1861-1865.

Most were from the Franklin Military Academy (1842-1862) which was located near Myers Store area  between Beautancus Rd. & NC 403. It was a school between 1842-1858 and then added military training in 1858. It closed its doors in 1862.

Of the original company, 107 in number, 20 were killed or died of wounds, 14 died from diseases, 15 were permanently disabled because of wounds and 16 others were wounded but recovered entirely. There were only 36 men who came away unscathed.

Reunion of Civil War Veterans - 1904 Confederate States of America North Carolina Troops - Infantry Company E, 20th Regiment, Organized at Faison, N.C., April 16, 1861

Civil War Veterans - 1904

Kneeling, Left to Right: (4) Giles Monroe Martin (1841-1930) Pvt. (5) Henry J. Williamson (1844-1914) Pvt. George F. Kornegay (1838-1920) Kenan Milliard (1843-1919) Pvt. - Drummer Reuben Branch (1834-1913) Pvt. John H. Blalock (1833-19xx) Sergent Oliver Summerlin (1830-1911) Pvt.

Standing, Left to Right: (1) Daniel A. Cogdell (1838-1920) 2nd Lt. Joseph B. Oliver (1841-1915) 2nd Lt. E. Faison Hicks (1844-1918) Sergent James D. Ireland (1844-1918) Pvt. John H. Loftin (1829-1905) Pvt. Augustine D. Hicks (1942-1919) 1st. Lt. (2) Benjamin Carr (1837-1905) Pvt. (3) Lewis Giddens (1835-1909) Pvt. Musician

Giles Martin's Civil War Powder Flask Owned by Hugh Oates, great-nephew of Giles Martin Giles_Martin_CW_Powder_Flask_front_800h Giles_Martin_CW_Powder_Flask_800h
1860_Bed_of_Col_Faison_KIA_in_CW Bed of Col. Frank Faison who was KIA during the second battle at Cold Harbor, Virginia during the Civil War. Grandfather of Lila Hicks Hines.  


Jethro Oates and James Ireland - around 1880 James Ireland was a member of Company E of the NC 20th Regiment in the Civil War Jethro Oates, based on John Martin Oates Jr's book, was also fought in the CSA, but not in Company E.

This was my Grandfather Leonidas Harper Pridgen at age 90 The Medal he is wearing is The Southern Cross of Honor from the Civil War

 Leonidas Harper Pridgen at age 90.  He is the grandfather of Harper, Mary Linda, Charles, Nancy, and other Pridgen grandchildren and the other Pridgen Children that attended North Duplin High School. The Medal he is wearing is The Southern Cross of Honor from the Civil War

southern_cross_of_honor_front Southern Cross of Honor