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TributeTribute - You could be from Faison if ..."You could be from the Faison, NC area, if ...", by Susan Clifton Baker. NDHS '60Online at Faison
TributeAtwater Kent Model 337 _ JB Stroud Tribute_120WTribute to Mr. J.B. StroudTribute to Mr. J.B. Stroud - By Ronald Oates, Jr.Online at Faison
TributeOATES_john_e_Oates_120W_tributeTribute to John Edwin OatesTribute to John Edwin Oates, WWII Veteran and recipient of the Silver Star - by John Martin Oates, Jr. Online at Faison
TributeBURCH_David_120x150_tributeTribute to Captain David Carroll BurchTribute to Captain David Carroll Burch by Diane with the Red Cross in Vietnam in 1968, dated March 2, 2012Online at Faison
TributeThe_Five_Bills_120aunderconTribute to the "Five Bills" of Faison: Bill Fesperman, Bill Igoe, Bill Lewis, Bill Williams, and Bill Hennessee.Online at Faison
TributeAdams-PG_tribute_120wTribute to Pritchard Gibson (P.G.) Adams, Jr.Tribute to Pritchard Gibson (P.G.) Adams, Jr., by Pritchard Adams III, dated March 17, 2014Online at Faison
MemoirsThrowed-Away_Flowers_120W-120x150Not available online"Throwed Away": Failures Progress Eastern North Carolina - August 17, 1992 by Dr. Linda Flowers (Author) Dr. Linda Flowers (Author)
Graduate of North Duplin High School, Class of 196x

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Memoirsbooks_120WunderconMemoirs of Growing up in Faison, NC in the 1950's and 60's, by M. Ronald Oates, Jr. - a collection of "adventuresome activities" and other memories.Plans for a first draft available in 2016. Plans are to be available online at
International News Eventus0su_140WunderconNews and Observer, dated March 24, 1989: N.C. radio operators tune in to glasnost by Andrea Grasso. M. Ronald Oates, Jr. of Raleigh [and Faison] is one of five Americans traveling to Siberia for joint US-Soviet ham radio broadcasts.Online at Faison