Faison 1930’s


Main Street in Faison – 1930’s


Main Street Faison & The Faison Produce Market
Observe that Main Street is dirt

Isham Faison Store

Isham Faison Store. built in 1901 by Frank Faison.


Fannie S. Faison

Some of you, especially those who attended the Faison Methodist Church in the 1950’s, will recall Mrs. Fannie Faison, often referred to as “Cousin Fannie” in her later years.
The above picture is a press photo from March 20, 1930, that included the following announcement: “Mrs. Fannie S. Faison, of Faison. N.C., social and political leader, has been nominated by President Hoover for the Officer of Collector of the Port of Wilmington, N.C. She will be the first woman to hold a major Federal office in North Carolina”.



Duplin Times September 19 1935


1930s Cates Pickle Truck and drivers

1930s_Cates Pickles

J. B. Stroud

Ethel Owens [became McPhail] –  (Faison School 10th grade)

Faison School 1936
Unknown person (speculation is Mac Martin [Casteen]??)

Faison School 1938 - see list of names

Miss Beulah Martin’s Second Grade Class – 1938

Faison School 2nd grade class list of names

edna wedding500
Edna McCullen’s wedding to Francis McColman
L-R Gwendolyn Clifton, _________, (1st Cousin, Serena Oates), Deams Clifton,
Francis, Bill Clifton,  Edna, Cecil McCullen, Mac Casteen,
Velma McCullen, __________, Sarah McColman, Charlie Cates, Shaw Hines,
and flower girl Mary Jean Crouch