Faison 1920’s


Main Street in Faison - 1920's

Witherington Building in early 1900s


Main Street Faison - est. 1925-1929

1924_Typical_Market_Day_crop_700 1924 - Main Street Faison & Typical day at the Market

First_Produce_Shed_crop_700 The First Produce Shed

1002177_10201942049179226_1077716484_n Observe the Faison Depot in the background

577297_10201942049699239_574720351_n View looking toward the railroad tracks

First_Produce_Shed_54514_10201942049459233_1135640849_n View looking across the rail road tracks  [The house/structure across the railroad tracks is the Hotel operated by Lille Oates McCullen]

Entrance to Faison Hotel

Operated by Lil Oates McCullen

1925_LILE_HOTELCROP Mid-to-Late 1920s in front of Lillie Oates McCullen Hotel (location of the new post office) Lillie w/ mother Mittie Martin Oates, Stella McColman, Lillie (Sanders) Rhodes [niece of Mittie]

Faison Hotel....built by Isham Faison in mid 1872, sold 1/2 interest to John C. Hines in 1873 who sold the same 1/2 interest to John B. Lane in 1875 who in return sold 1/2 interest back to Isham R Faison in 1879, then sold to B.B. Witherington in 1899 for $900... Witherington heirs sold it to Lillie Oates McCullen in 1925 for $3500... It was located where the Faison Post Office is now located. [Research conducted by William House]


1929 - Main Street Faison


Close-up of the store shown in the above picture from 1929. See below discussion about the ownership.

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Leonidas Harper Pridgen at age 86 yrs 5 mos taking his first plane ride Leonidas Harper Pridgen at age 86 yrs 5 mos taking his first plane ride, August 29, 1929

1930 Piney Grove High School