Faison 1940’s & WWII


World War II era Period of Education, Family Formation, and Birth of the 1950's and 1960's Generations


Faison High School [1921-1955]


1942_Clifton_Edgerton Clifton Edgerton was Killed in Action (KIA) in WWII in Belgium He was 24 years old. He was the son of Mrs. Eva Edgerton and brother of Ruth Edgerton. They lived on Hwy 403 across from the Faison Cemetery.



Tom Avent - Fishing [Thanks to Karen Warren Newman for locating this photo]


1942 Faison High School Principal Thomas Shutt


1942 Teachers of Faison High School - E.F. Brooks science teacher - Elizabeth Page - Jewell Clifton - Elizabeth Faison with her back to the camera

Hazel_Warren_Avent_and_Sister_1011553_3384169980378_1671008554_n Hazel Warren Avent and Grace Warren Walton (sisters) - 1943/44 Tom Avent and Hazel Warren Avent operated the Esso Station before Tom was drafted in WWII. Sadly, Tom was KIA in France in 1944


\      Carlton "Pete" Warren and Florence [unknown year]


 Faison youth basketball teams from around 1945, coached by C.H. Millard

Light Jerseys: #2 Richard Byrd, #4 Thomas Shute, #5 Charles Lee, #7 Wade Wheless, #9 Jack Adams,....

Dark Jerseys: #0 Frank Precythe, #1 Brooks Cates, #2 Floyd Sutton, #3 Curtis Cates, #4 Buster Precythe, #5 Wa Wa Padgett, #6 Cub Adams, #7 Horace Ray, #8 Jerry Fouts, #9 Lloyd Sutton , #10 Donald Rose Matthews

Hazel_Rackley_In_Front_Doc_Morton Hazel Warren Avent (later Rackley) holding Carlton, "Petey" Warren and Kenneth Avent. The picture was taken on main street Faison in front of old Dr. J. X. Morton's Drug Store in the 1944-45 time frame.


4th Row (L-R): unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown 3rd Row (L-R) Buster Precythe (sitting on truck), Joe King (standing), unknown, unknown, Harold Precythe, Durwood Clifton, Charles Lee (standing) 2nd Row (L-R): Ralph Precythe, Ross Vacaro, unknown, unknown 1st Row (L-R): unknown. George Joseph, Chester Ellis

1940's School Pictures


Rudy_Ronald_1946_600w Rudy and Ronald Oates, Jr. - 1946-47  This picture was taken by a traveling photographer that went from town to town. "That camera made my head look big".

Ronald_Oates_Jr Ronald Oates, Jr. - est. 1947 Nice car, nice tricycle! "I think Pete Warren or "Peter Rabbit" cut my hair too close!"

Elizabet Hicks Miss Elizabeth Hicks

1940's Wade Wheless __________ and Wade Wheless


John_Warren_Judy_Smutt_Claude_Pete John Warren holding Judy Warren along with Kenneth (Smutt) Warren, Claude Walton (Grace Warren Walton's husband), and Pete Warren

Roy_McNeil Roy McNeill

Faison_School_Principle_Fouts_1948-49 Faison School Principal Fouts (1948-49)

Elizabeth_Hicks_1151062_3323609306399_327401207_n Miss Elizabeth Hicks

FHS_Smutt_Warren_Evelyn_Hines_1236808_3384163180208_949905557_n Evelyn Hines and Kennett (Smutt) Warren

Horace_Ray_Smutt_Ray_Taylor Horace Ray leaning against bus. Ray Taylor & Smutt Warren wrestling on the ground. The old Faison School 1948

FHS 1948 Hanging out at the buses 1948-49

FHS Murial Price & Eula Taylor FHS - Murial Price & Eula Taylor

FHS_Evelyn_Hines_and_others FHS - Muriel Price back to camera, Evelyn Hines turned head to side and Mary Gray Taylor. Top steps facing the camera is Mary Rachel Adams & Mrs. Euna Brogden.

FHS 1948 Kids hanging around side entrance FHS - Kids hanging out by the side door



1234456_3384064737747_1588525691_n Emily Hill Vernon, Blanche Brogden & Ernestine McCumber

37039_3384067057805_1953366316_n   Mary Gray Taylor, Muriel Price and Mabel Waters around 1948


Alice Bradshaw - 1948-1949





998117_3384062817699_749215914_n #1. Penny Justice, #2 McKenzie, #3. Thelma Farmer, #4. Mrs. Randolph Jones, #5. Bennett Taylor who is the mother of #6., #6. Dorothy Armstrong, #7. Espy Sullivan.

Martin_Sisters_1383639_767504413275926_940555490_n William Bryant Martin's Sisters Martin was a long-time mayor of Faison

World War II (WWII)

Tom_Avent_10965302_10200207558989016_112018410_n Tom Avent - KIA in WWII Father of Tommy and Kenneth Avent [Thanks to Karen Warren Newman for locating this photo]

James_Coley_WWII James Coley WWII


CH_Millard_AirPlane_400x Charles Henry (C.H.) Millard with his airplane in WWII

Marcus Taylor's Merchant Marine Picture

Marcus Taylor was in the Merchant Marines during WWII. Marcus also served in the Army during the Korean War. A picture of Marcus in Army Uniform (Korea) is included in the page, "Remembering Our Veterans"